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    FJ60 windshield gasket replacement

    Only used the rope install tool that I got off of Amazon
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    FJ60 windshield gasket replacement

    I ordered from KOOL KATZ AUTO GLASS - as I could not find one anywhere where I live in FL. It was around $400 shipped. I decided to install it myself cause I also had a tough time finding an installer. Went with a non-chrome gasket and surprisingly was able to...
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    Windshield install tip

    I was hesitant in installing my windshield due to some of the threads that I have read where they mention it is a multiple person job. Well I set up some friends to help me out but they slept in and due to me being impatient I figured I would use a ratchet strap to hold the window and press it...
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    My Hawaiian HJ60 Refresh, Maintenance and Good Times

    I was actually trying to find out how you removed the part that you painted black
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    My Hawaiian HJ60 Refresh, Maintenance and Good Times

    That FJ60 of yours came out great. Can you share how you removed the part with the VIN plate on it?
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    Help - Hj61 24v stereo/radio wiring diagram

    Did you ever figure out the wiring for your radio. I have a similar head unit but mine is a 12V, however the harness from your radio is identical to mine
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    Radio wiring for an 86 FJ60

    The sticker shows 12v
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    Radio wiring for an 86 FJ60

    Hello I am looking for some help identifying wiring for this 86120-90A11 Radio. The PO of my FJ60 cut most of the wiring in the dash so I am trying to match it with the wiring harness attached to the radio. Part of my problem is I have only been able to find a brown, grey, red, light green...
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    Headliner replace on 84 FJ60

    Any tips on getting the headliner installed? I am having issues with the support beams collapsing when I try to put the new headliner in
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    1986 FJ60 Frame Off Restoration

    Do you happen to remember the color you used for the do you recall what GM paint color you used on the gauge cluster?
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    For Sale Fj60/62 Parts

    I don’t see one… can you resend
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    For Sale Fj60/62 Parts

    I would like to buy the 4spd knob. Would you ship to FL 32726. I will pay for shipping
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    For Sale Fj60/62 Parts

    Do you still have the 4-speed shift knob and LandCruiser emblem?
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    Parting Out Durango CO 60 & 62 part outs

    Can you send me pics of the FJ60 center console if it is still available?
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    Need help identifying wire in tailgate

    I noticed that this wire was broken. Can anyone tell me what it goes to? I am assuming it went to the license plate light? If so, What wire part would I need?
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    New windshield 62

    Where in Orlando is this place?
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    24volt radio in a US FJ60?

    Is it possible to install a 24volt reciever in a US FJ60?
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    Thinking about going back to OEM carb

    The Weber was installed when I got the vehicle. So I am not sure about the fuel line being modified
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    Thinking about going back to OEM carb

    Hello all- I have an FJ60 with a Weber carb installed. Is it difficult to go back to an OEM carb? I am planning on sending an OEM to JimC for a rebuild but want to make sure I have all I need to convert back to OEM. Any tips, guidance, steps would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance
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