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    SOLD  For Sale or Trade 2021 Army Green Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Premium 4-door, A/T, 5ft bed

    2021 Army Green Tacoma. TRD Off-Road Premium Package and also has technology package. OME BP-51 lift kit with adjustable upper control arms. Slee-offroad sliders. Wheels are brand new FJ Cruiser 17" steelies with center caps and tires are Toyo Open Country A/T 285/75/17. I bought this truck...
  2. CID 96

    For Sale  1973 FJ40 4-linked, Orion, 37" Krawlers

    I have owned this truck for over 10 years now. I purchased it here on Mud from a member in Oregon. Best I can tell from talking to some of the West Coast folks the truck was originally from Colorado, then Northern California and then on to Oregon. The truck has a lot of modification and...
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    For Sale  One or more 33x9.50x15 BFG A/T Tire

    Just bought a new to me 1979 FJ40 with 33x9.50x15 BFG A/T tires. The two rear tires are practically new as is the spare. The two front tires are so so. I need to check the date code on the spare, but I was hoping to find one or two of these tires to combine with mine and have a good set. Thanks.
  4. CID 96

    For Sale  2013 Toyota Tacoma 4x4, 4cyl, Regular Cab

    Nice, clean little truck that gets around 22 mpg. 4x4, 4 cylinder, 5-speed, regular cab. I bought the truck new about 6 months ago and it only has about 5,000 miles on it. I did put a little bigger tire (265 75r16), a bed mat and Husky Liner floor mats in it. Not to much else to say, basically...
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    For Sale  1973 FJ-40, 2F, Orion, 37" Red Labels GA

    1973 FJ-40 originally from the west coast, it spent a lot of it life in northern California and I bought it from a Mud member in Oregon. The truck has a 2F from a later model 40 that I converted to propane about two years ago. The transmission is a crazy reverse shift pattern Toyota...
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    craigslist  1985 FJ-60 for sale. Atlanta, GA Just listed my June of 1985 FJ-60 for sale. All and all solid truck, I have been using it as a daily driver. With a little work like lockers and a winch, it would be a good trail truck. Solid mechanically, uses no oil, cranks and...
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    Cool truck/vehicles for sale

    I thought about starting this thread because of a conversation that Christina and I were having last night about the big lottery drawing (half a billion I think was the number). That's a lot of cash. Well we were talking about things we would do/buy with the money and she said her first pick...
  8. CID 96

    For Sale  [GA] Warn HS9500i winch FS/FT

    Warn HS9500i winch for sale $500 Mud price or trade for 2nd gen pick-up parts. On universal mounting tray, with remote. I also have a somewhat newer roller fairlead that I can throw in. Not really wanting to ship, especially if we are trading parts. Looking for a bed (no rust) that will fit...
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    For Sale  37" Creepy Crawler Maxxis tires w/ TR bead locks

    SOLD. 37x12.50-15lt tires. Four of these tires I wheeled with for about a year and a half, one tire is brand new, never been on the ground. New tire is on regular steel wheel, the other four are mounted on Trail Ready steel bead locks. No holes, plugs, patches in any of the tires. These...
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    For Sale  1995 FZJ-80 w/37K original miles, GA

    I bought this truck in December from a Mercedes Benz dealer in NC. At that time the truck had 32K miles, since then I have replaced the gold emblems with new OEM silver ones, WeatherTech mats through out, painted the center wheel caps, new Toyota windshield wipers, and installed Pfran's LED...
  11. CID 96

    Need advice/opinions from the 80 series crowd

    Ok, so a few months ago I bought a low mileage, 32K to be exact, 1995 FZJ-80. I have been using as my daily driver and I have already put about 5000 miles on it. These trucks are so comfortable especially when still in stock form. I just hate racking up the miles on the truck. My wife is...
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    Ga. Cruisers Chat Thread

    I thought I would start a chat thread. We really don't have anywhere we can post random thoughts and ideas. So here it goes.... Taking my son (Brooks) on his first quail hunting trip tomorrow morning. It will be pen raised birds, and I really hate it, but that is all we have now days...
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    craigslist  F/S 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI Covington, GA

    2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI-Diesel Please see above link for pictures, if you need any more or anything specific just let me know and I will email them to you. Great car and even better gas mileage. 45+ MPG combined city/hwy driving. All service work up to date and all done at VW...
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    Propane Conversion

    Thinking about doing a propane conversion on the 40. Found this website Obviously the tanks and getting them filled is not a big deal for me, but does anyone else have any experience with running propane? Remember this is strictly a trailtruck, no street duty. To me the...
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    For Sale  2000 UZJ-100 FS White in GA, 142K

    This is a truck that my wife traded her 17' CC boat for. Great truck, originally white with gold/tan trim. Gulf States Toyota truck, had running boards with flares. I removed both and repainted the body molding and bumpers silver. I also preformed the 90k service at 136k (bought it at 134K)...
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    Look what I found.

    How cool is this. Genuine Ta-yoda.
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    For Sale  1990 FJ-75 pickup for sale, GA.

    SOLD. Well the time has come. I said this was the one truck that I would never sale, but I am ready to move on. 1990 FJ-75 pickup legally titled and registered in Georgia, title in hand. This truck is very clean and only has 143,XXX kilometers (89,XXX miles). Carburated 3f engine...
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    Trade  FS/FT 19' Center Console trade for 80 or 100

    For Sale or Trade. 2008 Clearwater Baystar 19 Center Console bayboat. We bought the boat new in March of 2010 and now it has under 40 hours on the 90 Yamaha four stroke engine. Great fishing boat for fresh or salt water and will also pull a tube and wake board with the family. Great storage...
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    Need pics of winch on factory bumper

    Like the thread title states. I would like to install a winch, maybe a Warn 8274, on my factory bumper on my FJ75. I have used the search function, but have not found any pictures. I have seen several bumpers like mine with a canvas cover over the winch, but what winch is it? Some factory...
  20. CID 96

    For Sale  4 - FJ40 factory rims w/ tabs 31x10.50x15 Dunlop M/T tires COMBO

    These rims and tires came on my new (to me) fj75. PO bought the rims "new" from $OR. Really, really clean no scuffs, no scrapes. These rims and tires would be perfect for someone restoring a truck back to stock. Tires are 31x10.50x15 Dunlop M/T Radials, practically brand new also. Check out...
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