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  1. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Wanted  OMESB1 bushings

    Anyone have any new OMESB1 bushings laying around they'd want to get rid of?? I need 7, rather not pay for a another set of 6 just for one bushing... Thanks
  2. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Broken bolts in hub

    Nice surprise taking the bolts out of my hub cover- two broken bolts that had been “glued” back in.. ideas or tricks on getting the rest of the bolts out of the hub body?
  3. OzarkMtnCruiser

    So, who's going to have the first Tesla powered cruiser?
  4. OzarkMtnCruiser

    60 won't start without...

    I've always had to pump the pedal more than i should to get her to start- but now my 60 will not start without starting fluid. After a shot she starts right up and runs, the idle speed is a little low but she stays running without the choke. I can turn her off and she'll start back up but if I...
  5. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Drive belt question-

    Anyone know the Napa / AZone part number for the belt you can use to run between the alternator and crank, eliminating the power steering pump? Thank you, thank you very much..
  6. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Datum line measurement of a stock fj60 leaf spring

    Does anyone know the measurement of a stock uncompressed leaf spring from the center holes of the bushings? Just bought a used one and I'd like to see exactly how flat it is.. thanks edit: it's the rear spring
  7. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Pulley on the power steering pump is wobbling

    Any idea what would cause this? Just saw it today.. thanks
  8. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Don't F with a cruiser.. Gotta do better than that!
  9. OzarkMtnCruiser

    not sure why this topic was closed by the mods.

    but the invitation still stands- anyone think they can crawl through this dry creek bed is welcome to try..
  10. OzarkMtnCruiser

    need RT assistance on a 4 speed tranny

    I have a 60 4 speed and I'm stuck in reverse. I've pulled the gear shift lever out and here is what it looks like- to quote another mudder he said: Take the shift lever out and look inside the top cover (with a flashlight) at the shift rod slots. There are 3 of them and all 3 slots have to...
  11. OzarkMtnCruiser

    stuck in reverse -real time help

    I have removed the gear shift lever and according to this post: Take the shift lever out and look inside the top cover (with a flashlight) at the shift rod slots. There are 3 of them and all 3 slots have to line up straight across. Use a large screw driver or a pry bar to line them up. When...
  12. OzarkMtnCruiser

    need a little advice - real time

    I'm changing out my drive belts need a little assistance- If anyone is around im at 1024 Audubon off Park across from the golf course between goodlett & cherry. Any help would be appreciated David
  13. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Changing drive belts on a 60..

    Does anyone have a link to a good thread? Used search and didn't really come up with anything. Thanks.
  14. OzarkMtnCruiser

    1983 Toyota Land Cruiser

    I realize 83 fj40s are scarce but 35k with some rust? It does have <50K miles.. 1983 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 Factory ac and ps RARE!!!
  15. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Toyota Parts Superstore

    Looking for cheap OEM parts? check these guys out- Toyota Parts Superstore I placed this order yesterday. _________________________________________________________________ Mechanical Catalog - 1985 - Toyota - LandCruiser Electrical, Ignition system, Cable set, Cable set, land cruiser...
  16. OzarkMtnCruiser

    any of you guys think you could crawl through this??

    starts off pretty easy then gets harder..
  17. OzarkMtnCruiser

    Alternator or Starter problems..

    go see Dave at Dave's Armature: Dave's Armature Service 3898 Jackson Ave Memphis, TN 38128 901-372-0620 Driving in from AR on friday my alternator went out- none of the usual suspects had one in stock. toyota referred me to these guys so i stopped by on saturday morning, they put it on...
  18. OzarkMtnCruiser

    anyone know of a non ethanol gas station

    in the area? It makes a huge difference. Today i filled up just south of Providence AR (filled to the top- literally) and my gas gauge was still on top of the white when I rolled across the bridge, 100+ miles. I thought i had stuck the float.. Never went above 60 and i bet i was getting close to...
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