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  1. Snail282

    Lightest 32" Wheel/Tire Combo

    Yeah, those are defiantly some good wheel options. I had not yet been considering them.
  2. Snail282

    Searching for the best ride quality in a mild lift

    You could always go with a big name like King or Radflo. Any 2.5 inch diameter shock would for sure make your rig feel like butter on regular pavement. Also I have to say, I always thought my rear end was rode stiff with the bags, and that was before they went out. After they go it feels like...
  3. Snail282

    Lightest 32" Wheel/Tire Combo

    So I've been wondering lately what is the lightest ~32-33 inch wheel and tire combination you can come up with? My current set up is 285/70-17 General Grabber A/TX load range E on 5th gen 4Runner SR5 wheels (17x7 +15). Based on research (not measured) this comes in at: Tire: 59 lb; Wheel: 29...
  4. Snail282

    Transition internship brainstorming assistance requested . . .

    Oh man, all too often I think about getting out of my current line work and going back to working with my hands, so I have a couple ideas for you. One is this company that imports, restores, and sells Land Rovers: Commonwealth Classics - Specialists in Land Rover Defenders, Range Rovers...
  5. Snail282

    Tems fuse

    I recently did conversion as well and was wondering the exact same thing. I did take the TEMS fuse out and am pretty sure the dampeners are no longer adjusting, but I have no blinking lights. In, fact the whole ride height display on the dash is dark. If I had to guess, the solution to killing...
  6. Snail282

    285/70R17 Tires on stock suspension GX470

    I currently run 285/70-17 General Grabber A/TX on SR5 4Runner wheels on stock suspension and get minimal rubbing al full lock and with significant steering angle over bumps (such as pulling into a driveway). The rubbing is pretty slight, and hasn't bothered me enough to do anything about it. Off...
  7. Snail282

    Time for a new alternator?

    My battery light has been coming on intermittently at idle, but I've always cleared it by tapping the gas. Today though the light finally made up its mind and stayed on at idle, off at 2k rpm, on at idle, etc. I put a meter on it and got 13.8 V at 2k rpm and 12.8 V at idle (800-900 rpm). These...
  8. Snail282

    Official For Sale/Trade/WTB/Free Thread

    Anybody want some 285/70-17 BFG KO's? Also you read that correctly, these are KO's, not KO2's. They are old as dirt date marked sometime in 2012. Picked them up mostly to make sure that the tire would clear on the rims I have. The tires don't balance very well and don't want to loose anymore...
  9. Snail282

    Best Type of Rock Sliders? (my first thread)

    That exactly how mine was set up when I did the trail. All stock, just 33 inch BFG's. I had no problems, despite taking the worst line over every obstacle trying to get that perfect flex picture. 😁 There was also plenty of traffic on the trail on a Sunday afternoon, so if you did run into...
  10. Snail282

    Best Type of Rock Sliders? (my first thread)

    Oh wow nice to meet you. I was on a trail in Virginia called Peters Mill Run. The is actually a pretty nice experience starting from parking lot off a paved road running 6 or so miles north ending a fire road. There is a decent campsite at north end, and both the camp site and parking lot have...
  11. Snail282

    Tire Pressure

    I am also running 33 inch load rating E tires, and was also wondering about tire pressures. When I first put the tire on I ran around on 40 psi and the ride was pretty stiff and felt like the tire was bouncing off pot holes more than it was rolling over them. I did a trail a couple weeks ago and...
  12. Snail282

    Best Type of Rock Sliders? (my first thread)

    Wow, thank you so much for breaking it down like that. You have certainly given me more perspective to make my decision.
  13. Snail282

    Best Type of Rock Sliders? (my first thread)

    So I picked up a GX470 back in January, through some 33's on it, and waited for the trails around me to open. They finally did last weekend and the GX performed phenomenally. I did, however, give one of my one of my running boards a little love tap on a big rock as I was setting the passenger...
  14. Snail282

    Parting Out  WANTED: GX470 Hood, MD

    Looking to buy a GX470 hood, mine had a nasty dent in it. Would like to buy the grill with it but lack of a grill would not be a deal breaker in any way. I don't have high hopes I'll find one on my color, 2007 Cypress Pearl, so I'd be happy to take one in any color.
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