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  1. Hugh Heifer

    Wasn’t sure where to post this 2002 HiLux crew cab

    I wonder what its weight is over a regular non armored Surf. You may know armored vehicles eat through brake pads.
  2. Hugh Heifer

    Owning a 60 series diesel in Tokyo Japan

    I can not speak for Japan but in the Philippines they would not export a vehicle without matching numbers. A guy at the embassy bought a fantastic BJ43 only to discover he could not get it back to the US due to an engine swap. I would not be surprised if Japan was the same. Just another...
  3. Hugh Heifer

    3B overheat on long hills. Help!

    Any progress on this?
  4. Hugh Heifer

    Builds Meet Foster -1988 BJ73

    Changed the oil and filter today. Nothing remarkable. I drained the coolant and noted it was fairly dirty. I can not recall if Javier changed it. But here is a weird thing, I opened the cap and drained the radiator and then opened then drained the coolant from the engine drain. Closed both...
  5. Hugh Heifer

    Winter oil for 3B engine

    My manual is in Japanese and I missed that class. :lol: This is the one from the 3B engine manual. It is just a little different is why I asked. I thought it might be earlier than the one above. Too bad we can't merge these two threads.
  6. Hugh Heifer

    Oil for 70,000km 3B Engine

    Is your choice the non-synthetic T4?
  7. Hugh Heifer

    Builds Meet Foster -1988 BJ73

    That is what DD says he put on there. I have not pulled a wheel but I trust his info is correct.
  8. Hugh Heifer

    Split Case Rebuild

    Dunno. The truck was sold on Mecum by the flipper who bought it from me before I went overseas.
  9. Hugh Heifer

    Builds Meet Foster -1988 BJ73

    @dieseldog - what did you tell me was in there?
  10. Hugh Heifer

    Builds Meet Foster -1988 BJ73

    I forgot to post up in here that I did rebuild the t-case. It is far harder with the transmission in the truck but it is sealed up tight. This past weekend the wife and I took Foster down to Hickory, NC for the weekend. Climbing back up the mountain to Blowing Rock was no joke. Foster overheated...
  11. Hugh Heifer

    Oil for 70,000km 3B Engine

    I have heard that zinc additives are fairly worthless as the chemist would need to have the particular oil you are using when designing the additive to ensure it properly "mixes", for lack of a scientific word, with the brand, type or weight of oil you are using. I learned today that few oils...
  12. Hugh Heifer

    Winter oil for 3B engine

    What manual is that from? The 3B manual I have seen looks a little different.
  13. Hugh Heifer

    Level Of Interest

    I am moving back to Rome, GA up north. I would really be interested in exploring south GA. I would for sure try to make a weekend or longer event. But not in the dead of summer!!!
  14. Hugh Heifer

    USMC Retired.... Need some opinions on job offers.

    My non-mil brother in law went to a not for profit. It sucked donkey diks. He is an accountant so for him to say that measures my expectations of those organizations. My brother left 28 years Corps of Engineers to work at a massive private contractor. He could not handle the private sector (I...
  15. Hugh Heifer

    "Name that vehicle" thread

    I will name it "Paul"
  16. Hugh Heifer

    Oil for 70,000km 3B Engine

    I was just looking at the FSM for the 3B on this and it appears they are reccomending 10w-30 as having a good wide temperature range. My weather is fairly temperate here - highs in the 90Fs and lows rarely below the 20Fs. Does anyone disagree with that?
  17. Hugh Heifer

    DELETE how did this turn out?
  18. Hugh Heifer

    Traction control

    The dealership did that? I am surprised they would turn off what Toyota thinks is a safety feature. Mine has been going off on sweeping right turns. My body roll has gotten pretty bad though.
  19. Hugh Heifer

    How to connect a trailer brake controller to a (late?) 100 series TLC

    That is max loaded weight. The total curb trailer weight is just a bit over 600 lbs.
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