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    Lots of upgrades... doing it...special

    I just had to share this with everyone. Would love to hear at least someone explain this configuration to me. From the add. "FIRST, IT HAS UPGRADED 22 INCH WHEELS AND TIRES WITH AGGRESSIVE TREAD! THE...
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    01 Tacoma Dome LED options?

    I've tried a few in my Taco with very little luck. They faintly glow unless the vehicle is running, and I mean so faint you have to see them in the dark to know something is happening. I have a set that work great in my 80, some people complain are blinding. I bought a second set to put in my...
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    Hands Free Solution Center Console - Other Ideas?

    So Today is the day GA starts enforcing the handsfree requirement where we are no longer allowed to touch our phones while driving. Well lets hope it works and people get off their phones. So this was my solution. I have a stereo that has Android Auto and Apple Carplay. I have an LX450 which...
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    Power Seat Tilt Switch Rebuild/Repair

    I am sure others have the issue of the Tilt switch becoming broken as people slide out of the driver side seat. Mine came pre-broken for me when I purchased last year. I decided I would take parts from a passenger donor seat to fix the switch cluster on the drivers side. Here is how I did it...
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    Fumes in the Cab

    I have a 96 LX450 that when starting up the vehicle the sweet smell of rich exhaust comes in. I've inspected the exhaust and don't see any rust or holes. So far the fix has been pull the climate controls and flip the switch to manual so that it stays on recirculate. Any one have any pointers...
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