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  1. sleak

    For Sale  REDARC Battery Charger (Northern VA)

    FOR SALE: REDARC BCDC1225D Dual-Input Battery Charger; new, never installed. $325 plus shipping. I bought it to replace my current CTEK I thought was non-functional; it was a grounding issue, since fixed. PayPal only. Final price depends on shipping address.
  2. sleak

    Removal of door chrome protector strips?

    Has anyone removed the chrome protector strip bumper things from their doors? I don't know how they're attached, so if there are holes behind them, I need to be ready to fill them with something. If it's just tape, that would also be good to know.
  3. sleak

    Aux air tank location? (ARB)

    Has anyone found a good spot to fit ARB's aux air tank on a 200 series? There aren't any obvious voids anywhere I've seen so far.
  4. sleak

    For Sale  Various Front Runner Rack Accessories

    UPDATED: Any items requested will be lined out; anything sold will be deleted. New items may be added. I corrected prices. Prices DO NOT include shipping. Final price will be determined according to the items in a particular shipment and the destination via UPS (i.e., you tell me what you...
  5. sleak

    "Smart Alternator" Charger Wiring Question

    I'm having to replace my CTEK charger because it doesn't charge my service battery at all; apparently the alternator in a '16 Land Cruiser is too "smart". The new one has a wire that has to be connected to: "Ignition signal, +15 clamp (DIN 72552)." Does anyone know what/where that is? Other...
  6. sleak

    Just used my new Indeflate for the first time

    This is a cool device from South Africa. It inflates or deflates two tires at the same time; useful when the fronts and backs need different pressures when the car's fully loaded. They now take PayPal, and it took about a month for it to get here via mail.
  7. sleak

    For Sale  Five 18x8 Stock LC Wheels ('16) Local DC Area Pickup

    Full set of five stock Land Cruiser 200 wheels available for local pickup in Northern Virginia. No damage; used for just under 25k miles; includes 23 lug nuts (original set plus a few extras). No tires, no TPMS. REDUCED: $400
  8. sleak

    Convex left mirrors?

    Before I start a brutal and probably fruitless search through evert Toyota parts site, does anyone off-hand know if anyone imports left-hand mirrors from RHD 200s ('16)? I did this years ago with a LR Discovery, and after a short adjustment period, I enjoyed the increased range of vision. I'm...
  9. sleak

    Which side to put an awning?

    For anyone who has a smaller awning, did you put it on the driver or passenger side, and why? I'm talking about the square/rectangular ones, not the batwings that cover side and back.
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