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  1. heckler

    40 series general tech and classifieds

    Speaking of hardtops, anyone have an extra one they want to sell. Preferably one with a hatch
  2. heckler

    craigslist 1981 FJ40

    Same land cruiser on Jackson, TN craigslist
  3. heckler

    Bluff city meetings

    Just let me know the date and location.
  4. heckler

    Amazon 1st & 2nd row floor mats $35

    Oh here you go then:
  5. heckler

    Amazon 1st & 2nd row floor mats $35

    Looks like the same ones you can get on ebay for $29:
  6. heckler

    SOLD Matrix inverter

    So sorry just noticed I did not update this thread. It has been sold.
  7. heckler

    Cottonland Picture of the Day Thread

    Alright who is it...
  8. heckler

    For Sale  Seat heater switches

    I have a used set of seat eater switches that I found in an old bin. Not sure if they work, they both have pigtails. They appear to be just on and off, no high low option. $30 shipped
  9. heckler

    TOY BT 45 bluetooth adapter

    Try turning up the max volume for media. This is different then turning up the volume on the phone. It is a setting that you need to change on the phone.
  10. heckler

    For Sale Warn locking hubs

    Just saw the posts. rnl1030, will take $70 shipped as long as it is in the US. Will PM you Mrboatman, if the deal with rnl1030 falls through will let you know.
  11. heckler

    100 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    I will take the sliders if they are not spoken for.
  12. heckler

    Navigation system hacks

    Just finished this mod on my 05. Thanks for the pin diagram that was a huge help. Had to double check the diagram, the M5 plug is in relation to the looking at the plug head on not from the back (Where the wires insert). It took me a minute to figure that out. :doh:
  13. heckler

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Finished rear drawer system. Thanks to ntsaint for providing the details to his build so I can rip it off.
  14. heckler

    Another Home-Brew Drawer System Build

    Digging up an old post, but just want to say thanks for posting your original measurements! Here is my version.
  15. heckler

    For Sale SOR 80 series seat covers

    Seat covers are sold!
  16. heckler

    For Sale SOR 80 series seat covers

    They are tan
  17. heckler

    SOLD Matrix inverter

    Need this gone, Bump to the top. Price is OBO
  18. heckler

    For Sale Warn locking hubs

    Bump to the top $90 or OBO.
  19. heckler

    For Sale SOR 80 series seat covers

    Bump to the top, need them gone
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