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  1. westwardCruiser

    RTH: Seating inner axle snap ring w/out taking axle out of hub

    I replaced my passenger side inner axle seal and having a heck of a time getting the axle back in. Without the snap ring, it slides in just fine. Splines look good, that's not the problem. I've tried some grease around the ring to keep it open out down, I tried it open end up. So I'm taking...
  2. westwardCruiser

    2nd Battery wire gauge with winch

    I've read every thread I can find on 2nd battery installs and have learned a lot, but I'm still left with a couple questions as most do not seem to include a winch setup. My winch (Smittybilt X20) specs are: Line Pull: 3k 6k 9k 12k Amps: 138 218 260 330 Based on my understanding...
  3. westwardCruiser

    Bolar Mountain / George Washington NF

    I'm headed to Bolar Mountain for a family camping trip the first week of June. Planning to spend 2-3 days exploring the area. Is anyone familiar with the area and want to recommend good routes? Anything to avoid? I see lots of potential 4x4 roads on my Delorme atlas that do not exist on the...
  4. westwardCruiser

    For Sale  1997 LC York, PA

    Toyota LAND CRUISER - super UGLY!!! Seller Asking $3200 Went to look at it tonight, decided to pass on it. Rust wasn't too bad, but there were too many maintenance items for my appetite right now. I took a few pics if anyone is interested I can PM with more details
  5. westwardCruiser

    Badlands -> White Rim -> HIH8

    A buddy and I are leaving PA and heading non-stop to the Badlands, due to arrive in the late afternoon on 7/7. The itinerary as of right now looks like this. 7/7 - Badlands 7/8 - Badlands 7/9 - Dispersed camping outside Vail,CO somewhere. 7/10 - Reserved campsite (White Crack) on White Rim...
  6. westwardCruiser

    Replacing Single (spare) tire

    I have 4 AT tires (Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs) with 20k miles on them. I need to get a 5th for my trail spare. Would it be a bad idea to rotate this new tire through? I have one tire with a piece of metal in the tread which I am gonna pull out and have patched if needed, was planning to...
  7. westwardCruiser

    PCV Valve - How Tight?

    I found a couple threads on changing the PCV valve one mentioned it was on very right. My question is how tight should it be? I just changed the PCV on my 2006 corolla and it goes flush against the block. When I took the current one off the cruiser (04) I noticed that it was not flush. I...
  8. westwardCruiser

    Should I be concerned? (front axle)

    I've been inspecting my recently acquired 04 LC, and tonight I took a closer look at the front axles. The PO had some work done to the right front axle 10k miles/1yr ago which I can provide more specifics on if someone things it may be related. My question is is the gap I noticed here...
  9. westwardCruiser

    First time owner

    4th Toyota, first Cruiser. My first Toyota was a 92 pickup (4 banger!) and it blows my mind that I just picked up a LC for only a few grand more than I paid for that thing back in the day :) My son is turning 6 in a couple weeks, and I told him I just bought his first car! I've been looking...
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