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    South American 1981 fj60

    Getting closer!
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    South American 1981 fj60

    Here are some of the finished product.
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    South American 1981 fj60

    Photos of rebuild
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    South American 1981 fj60

    When they took the 2F out they found some issues so we went ahead with a rebuild also.
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    South American 1981 fj60

    I figured it was time for an update. My 60 is still at the mechanics. Since the engine was out for cleaning we went ahead and cleaned/painted the engine bay. As you can see in the last photo, it’s beginning to look brand new.
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    iPad, case, RAM holder and Mount, and GPS for Gaia

    I believe that both versions of the iPad have a gps. What the cellular model adds is the ability to continually download new map data and to use cellular triangulation to help with geolocation. However the bad elf is an external gps that has a far superior antenna that can receive every...
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    Aftermarket Light Planning

    You are correct. Thank you.
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    Fj60 radio restoration

    I have possibly sourced a stock radio for my Fj60 finally. Does anyone know of a shop that can restore one, possibly with led lights? I have searched through the forum and on google with no result. Thank you in advance.
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    Parting Out TX: Brown/Tan 1982 FJ60

    Do you still have the stock radio?
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    Parting Out 85 Dune Beige FJ60

    Do you have the stock radio
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    Parting Out N Fla 1986 fj60 part out

    Stock radio?
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    Stock radio and rear defrost/wiper switches?
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    Parting Out Fj60 part out- SLC ut

    Do you have the stock radio?
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    Builds 80 plus 60 sittin in a tree, this baby makin match made in heaven is gonna be sweet!

    This looks amazing. What are you thinking this kit will cost?
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    Battery tray

    I contacted noel on 6 September about 60 series trays and he said they will be back in stock in 3-4 weeks. I will post in here again when I get the notice that they are ready.
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    Builds Warhorse-LS3 C&C & more

    Which switches did you use for the accessory panel? Also did you fabricate something custom to mount them to?
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    I will ask at work this week to see who we use to ship cars back and forth. I am guessing it will go out if Cartagena.
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    iPad, case, RAM holder and Mount, and GPS for Gaia

    How do you like that bad elf? I use the bad elf pro plus that uses blue tooth to connect. So far I have been super impressed with the accuracy and connection to both apple and android products.
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    Custom iPad in Dash FJ62

    i have been looking for something like this for my 60. Please post the photos when you have a chance.
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    South American 1981 fj60

    They told me its slot easier to clean like that.
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