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    What does your truck smell like?

    As mine has less that 40k miles on it (a 2007), it smells like new.
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    Cargo Drawers

    If you want the best, go Trekboxx. They are not cheap but they are the pinnacle of drawer systems.
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    Online Car Parts

    Partsouq is legit. Have ordered from them several times. Very fast shipping and excellent service.
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    Adding A/c Condenser Fan to 03+ LX470

    Is this the connector that you are looking for?
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    New user, new cruiser!

    Thanks for the info. That is what I am looking for. Had Partsouq trying to find them but had them searching for metal covers. Could you PM me your VIN so that I can provide that to Partsouq?
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    New user, new cruiser!

    Nice looking LC. Can you answer a question for me: Are your speaker grill covers cloth or metal? Have seen the metals ones on LCs in Africa and trying to figure out what model they are on. Best regards, Bill
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    The Sweet-Spot of 100 Ownership-Very Subjective...

    My 2007 has less than 40K on it. Owned it since new. Always garaged. No snow. Probably be buried in it.
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    Builds My GCC Spec FZJ100

    Does your GCC spec LC have metal speaker covers or the standard cloth coverd plastic ones?
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    Factory 105 black grille part numbers 98-02, 03-05, 06-07

    Here is the grill installed on my 2007.
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    Factory 105 black grille part numbers 98-02, 03-05, 06-07

    I tried to find the black side moldings but could not. Do you happen to have part numbers?
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    Factory 105 black grille part numbers 98-02, 03-05, 06-07

    I did not input any vehicle information. I only used the part number to look it up. The part number I used was 5310160350. That is the number on the box as well. I do not think it said whether it was black or chrome. But it is black.
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    Factory 105 black grille part numbers 98-02, 03-05, 06-07

    Ordered one on 14 April 2019 and it arrived today....three days after ordering! I am pretty impressed by the shipping time and Parts Souq in general. This was the second or third time I have ordered from them and the service is outstanding. That is quick all the way from Dubai. Grill was $176.40...
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    Factory 105 black grille part numbers 98-02, 03-05, 06-07

    Also interested in black side moldings.
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    Tailgate Carpet Removal....?

    TrekBoxx sells an incredible tailgate cover.
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    Should I get the rear tire mount?

    I have the Slee swingout on my LC. I love the thing. The fact that I have to swing it out of the way to get in the back is no big deal to me.
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    King Springs for a 2007

    Thanks to all who responded. I see there are a few listings for these King springs on eBay. Is that where folks are ordering from?
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    King Springs for a 2007

    Right now, the AHC seems to be handling the weight just fine. But then I don't drive it all that often. It is a 2007 with less that 40K on the odometer. I just happened across a thread here that talked about weight and impact on AHC that could be alleviated by going with King springs. I would...
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    King Springs for a 2007

    Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.
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    King Springs for a 2007

    Greetings! I have a 2007 with Slee rear swingout, TrekBoxx Alpha system and lots of camping gear. Been reading up on the need to install King springs to take some of the load off of the AHC. I see where the King KTRS-79 are the recommended springs but when I go to the King Spring site and input...
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