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    AC Issue

    Cold air comes out of the passenger vents immediately but takes about 20 minutes to start coming out the driver side. That's with the temp set on both sides the same. Hotter the weather the longer it takes.
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    Group 31 battery

    I have searched around the forum for group 31 battery installs and have found some info that it looks possible. But not a ton of info as to how difficult it is to fit. I am talking about replacing the stock battery.
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    Awning mounts

    Anyone attached an awing to the stock roof rack? I want an awning but a total roof rack was not really in my plans.
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    Yeti jumps the shark

    Ok I admit I have bought some overpriced nonsense before, but $40 for a 5 gallon bucket?
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    Switch to disable VSC

    I have seen several posts at other forums to install a switch that disables VSC on 4 Runners. Its basically just breaking the circuit on one wire. Some were under the dash and some were at the brake MC. Anyone done this on a GX?
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    RSCA indicator

    Its not coming on when I push the RSCA switch. I pulled the fuse for the ride height indicator when I took out the air bags. Does that fuse also work with the RSCA off indicator?
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    Updating maps in nav

    I got this DVD from Amazon and it started to load. Then the message was "checking the DVD". Final message was "cannot read the DVD" Anyone else have issues loading the latest map DVD? Mine is a 2006 and I assume a Gen 4 system. Nav DVD
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    Officially a Build Now

    So I finally flew into Houston to pick up my GX. Thankfully it was everything it was represented to be. 116000 miles with full service records. The lot is getting a lot of trade ins from the local Lexus dealer. Drove to Lafayette LA last night and got back home about 2 today. Drove awesome and...
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    GX 470 coilovers

    Most of the coilovers that I am finding are actually for FJ Cruisers. I know they fit but given that the GX is much heavier and comes with the 4.7 are the spring rates correct? I see alot of them installed so I was wondering do you request heavier springs or do the FJ springs seem to work out fine?
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