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  1. Darby Darrow

    New owner in Northwest Washington

    Depending on how far north of Seattle you are, Rain Country Cruisers meets in Mount Vernon on the first Wednesday of the month. Rain Country Cruisers
  2. Darby Darrow

    How to lock a Hi-Lift to a Slee bumper?

    Here is what I have on my Hi-Lift the cable also runs through my spare to lock it as well.
  3. Darby Darrow

    Near Mt. Vernon, WA?

    I am about 15 miles away, what do you want checked out?
  4. Darby Darrow

    best way to use wifi-only iPad2 as GPS tracking device?

    I am still playing around with it, so I have no definitive recommendation. On my iPhone I really like MotionX GPS Drive, but it won't mount on my iPad as it is WiFi only. However I have MotionX GPS HD on the iPad but you need to download the specific maps for your trip. The application seen...
  5. Darby Darrow

    best way to use wifi-only iPad2 as GPS tracking device?

    I am using the Bad Elf connector GPS Bad Elf GPS Receiver for iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and iPad2 (66-channel, SBAS/WAAS, 10Hz): Electronics with my wifi iPad. It works well with Scenic Maps. Scenic Map The next version is supposed to support import/export of waypoints. However...
  6. Darby Darrow

    another "can I fit this battery in my 100" thread

    Add me to the list please! 14) Darby Darrow
  7. Darby Darrow

    Rear Muffler Removal

    Then I drove to Moab with the resonator and removed it when I arrived. Notice the difference between the two. If I pinch the straight pipe it is substantially cheaper than replacing the factory resonator. I drove home to test whether I could put up with the drone, but didn't notice any (one of...
  8. Darby Darrow

    Rear Muffler Removal

    Before Cruise Moab last year I took mine to a muffler shop and had them install a flange on the back of my resonator, and bend up a straight pipe with flange for off road.
  9. Darby Darrow

    Aussie Lockers for FJ40

    ****************************SOLD****************************** Anybody need any Aussie Lockers for an FJ40? I want to get some ARBs. I have one new in the box and one in my diff with about 200 miles on it. How about: New in box: $250 Nearly new in rear diff: $200 Both: $400 plus...
  10. Darby Darrow

    Wanted 100 series upper A - arms

    Would these work for you?
  11. Darby Darrow

    Wanted  FJ40 Hardtop

    Looking to buy a hardtop for 73 FJ40. Preferably in the west.
  12. Darby Darrow

    FJ40 Hardtop

    fj40 hardtop no affiliation. Two sets of ambulance doors. Looks like a good deal for someone with a later 40. I just don't feel like retrofitting my older 40. ***SOLD***
  13. Darby Darrow

    RUD Snow Chains... where can I buy some?

    Tire Chains - Snow Chains
  14. Darby Darrow

    Looking for a good mechanic

    another vote for SD Trux!
  15. Darby Darrow

    Need FJ40 Mechanic rec in San Diego

    everytime I have been in their shop they have someone's land cruiser on the rack.
  16. Darby Darrow

    Need FJ40 Mechanic rec in San Diego

    SD Trux rocks, honest and knowledgeable. They specialize in Toyota 4x4s Toyota Repair Home
  17. Darby Darrow

    *Free* Transfer Case shifter

  18. Darby Darrow

    New from San Diego

    Shelby Welcome and make sure to check out Beach n Toys the local TLCA group. It is a great group of Cruiser Heads that meet once a month at Dalton's Roadhouse in San Marcos. The site is normally here: but it appears to be down at this time.
  19. Darby Darrow

    3rd row seats from 2001 LC 100

    Scott, I have you 2nd in line.
  20. Darby Darrow

    3rd row seats from 2001 LC 100

    PM sent
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