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    LX 570 street / mud

    trying to find the specs on the wheels and tire combo for this 200, does anyone know anyuthing about this vehicle
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    street/mud LX470

    trying to find the specs on the wheels and tire combo for this 200, does anyone know anyuthing about this vehicle
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    my new trans filter

    just installed my new transmission filter yesterday. it looks kinda busy in there but it'll work, mounted next to my oil filter. the last shot shows how they were returned. what you dont see is the ports i had before for the removable filter setup i had for the trans, they were removed. i have...
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    For Sale  1996 4x2 4runner for sale. Ga

    1996 2wd 3.4ltr auto trans. green ext, gray int, 250000 miles, $3500 timing belt done at 185000, all drive belts reciently change. optima red top batt, towing package, new sony stereo w/ usb port, 31-10.5-15 bfg at ko tire with 40% tread, valve cover seals changed, paint on top of both hood...
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    fsm table of contents

    a while back i downloaded the fsm from the tis site, however it didnt have, or i didnt see the table of contents. i would like to know how the fsm is laid out so that i can organize my files to mimic the factory hard copy. if one of you guys to post them here or pm me that would be great. thanks.
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    bypass filter does work

    this pic i took today while replacing the valve cover gasket, i havent changed the oil in almost 100k, been running mobil 1 then switched to rotella T 5w40 bout 6mons ago. i just hope the bottom end looks this good, pretty good chance it does. hey wolfy, this is some really good snake earl...
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    useless info abot the MAF drop brackets

    some might know about the bolt sizes i was inquiring about a while back, and some might know about the drop brackets i got from MAF. first off, excellent brackets, top notch fab work. ok to the meat of this thread (scuse the punn). i received some bolts today from a place called metrics and...
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    wheel bearing guru's

    just replaced my front rotors today and noticed the right hub was loose, before removal of anything but the wheel. these bearing were installed new about 2 years ago but with no other maintenance done to them (yeah i know...). anyway the replacement of the bearings were done by the FSM almost to...
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    bolt size needed

    could one of you guys tell me the size and length of the front axle, rear control arm bolt? the reason ask this group is, MAF doesnt know the bolt sizes they supply for thier drop brackets, and yes i talked to the tech dept. i even called up the local toyota parts counter and they said that the...
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    wheel spacers at highway speeds?

    been searching all the spacer threads to find out the higher speed experience with wheel specers. what i'm looking at is a set of 1.25" spacers, but what i dont read is, are there any vibe issues at higher speeds and what brand or vendor has the best for our 80s. i do know about spacers and...
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    another lift installed

    last night i did the deed, i installed a OME medium lift onto my wifes cruiser. she doesnt know yet. i did the MAF 3in drop brackets instead of the CC bushings, a few reasons, i like the plug and play they offer, and have a small window for raising an inch. the lift was inspired by a recient...
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    20MM trim packer in ATL

    hey guys its been a while ( hi wolfy) anyway right to the point. i need a set of front 20mm trim packs kinda quick and really dont want to pay the shipping for just that, does anyone in the Atlanta area have a set they dont want, that maybe i could snag at a good price? :) just got the...
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    my filter catch

    what was suposed to be caught in the full flow, was found in my bypass. looks like i.m gonna need an engine (maybe), will be monitering it very closely now, shorter spans of filter change are in order.
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    tranny bypass filter

    ok guys and girls i have just made the manifold for my bypass filter setup on the cruiser. the system is a removable sys. what i mean is this, i'm going to remove the system when i'm driving around and will install it when in the driveway doing routine maint. i figure that since the tranny...
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    birf grease ? and a hummmmmm from the front (UPDATE)

    got some moly grease to do the birfs but i really dont like this grease i have, its valvoline synthetic moly fortified, the consistancy is like that of somthing that has a powder mixed in with it. i can get some aeroshell 17 which has 5% moly in it and is also a synthetic grease, it has a smooth...
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    fuel atomizer 2000

    has anyone heard of this thing ? heres a link have an open mind here folks and wolfman its gas not snake oil :D :flipoff2: also heres a link of a guy on one of the other toy boards that has put it on his 4runner...
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    how much actual oil press...

    is normal for our trucks? i just put in a small mech guage and the thing was reading 98 psi at cold start up 40 psi at idle warm and over 100 psi at 3000 warm ? do these no.s sound right to you guys? yeh,did the search thing.
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    frantz filter installed on my 4runner

    i though i might share this with you guys . please, no rotflyao :D and please have an open mind;f=6;t=000803
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    computer freeze

    This topic has been moved to Comments and Updates by woody.
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    cold start noise (piston slap?)

    i'm getting this type of noise from my 97 . it just started to happen over the weekend. the only thing i did was wash off some some spilled brake fluid from the reservior area and sprayed the rest of the engine to remove pollen. now the noise goes away after a couple of seconds but it doesnt...
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