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  1. imtryingscott

    For Sale  Lots of 71 & 74 fj40 parts. CHEAP

    1f motor with approximately 5000 miles on rebuild-$300 4 spd transmission, shifts smoothly-$100 rebuilt 3sp transfer case (needs 4sp to 3spd adapter or a 3spd cog)-$50 3 spd transmission attached to 3 spd transfer works fine with emergency brake/cable- $100 radiator for 71 paid $100 for Rex to...
  2. imtryingscott

    roof top color

    Is it some unwritten law that an fj roof must be white? Would I be excommunicated from the fj community if I went with a different color? I have been restoring my fj for about a year now and I have picked my color and I wanted my roof and some accents to be painted satin black. In my year of fj...
  3. imtryingscott

    No spark, not sure where to start

    As mentioned in another thread, I bought a 1974 fj with a locked up 4 spd for a donor. I would like to try to get the donor running before I take it out and clean it up before it goes in the 1971 getting the restore. It appears that I am not getting spark. PO had all wire ripped apart so i now...
  4. imtryingscott

    4 speed or 3 speed dilema

    I started to do a frame off resto on a 1971 fj40. It had a sbc conversion (a poorly done one) when I bought it. I found a 1974 for sale cheap with an F engine and a 4spd. The engine is in good shape. the 4 speed needs cleaned and rebuild (someone left cover off in the outdoors for a year or so)...
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