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  1. Fearnofish!

    OME lift

    With all this good advice how could you go wrong. I would have suggested a hacksaw instead of all the penetrating oil. i had the old stuff out in minutes. The u bolts took about 2 minutes a piece. This may still be helpful. I torqued on my ubolts and till they were very snug then drove...
  2. Fearnofish!

    trie chains

    I think he means that his differentials are not locked and that they are the stock limited slip differentials. Fish
  3. Fearnofish!

    best shocks for a heavy 60

    I have have the OME heavy springs with the heavy shocks and theres no mush. Did I mention theres no mush? I have Bilsteins on the wifes Volvo XC. they are tight too, but thats her car not a wheeling, nearly 7000lb beast. Fish
  4. Fearnofish!

    what do I replace chrome window trim with?

    Why replace it? I tore all of mine out before paint last year and never looked back. For the rear glass especially there is no physical reason for chrome. It was hard enough to get the damn thing back in let alone worry about it falling out. It's in there damn snug. Fish
  5. Fearnofish!

    Help with smog pump

    inexpensive repair Another perspective on the issue. NAPA or Bumper to Bumper sell rebuild pumps for about 75-100$. They may not get you 30k miles but in the short term they work (to pass emissions). Regarding the leaky power steering pump. There is this PS leak fixer. Costs about 2$...
  6. Fearnofish!

    Suspension install thread - Tips and Questions

    Before I did mine I wish someone had told me not to be afraid of the hacksaw for removing the old ubolts and bushings. For stuck bushings I put the blade through the hole then reattached the frame to carfully saw them out. I also sut off my spare mounting support. That this was a giant pain...
  7. Fearnofish!

    Whats this worth? First time buyer!

    I hate to be a joiner but... A little frame rust is one thing but that has quite a bit. Maybe have him do a compression check to get an idea of the engine. If that is bad aswell then It's not worth your time even for a 1000$. ALL LCs take money and why put your money into that thing when...
  8. Fearnofish!

    My cruiser is stronger then I am stupid - seriously

    Nice story, foxy girlfriend, when are you getting springs?
  9. Fearnofish!

    running bad when hot (not my indian name)

    Not sure if someone already said this but when it gets hot your carb cooling fan should come on. If it doesnt or has loose connection then it may not be working up to par. You carb would heat up and vaporize the fuel that is trying to be sucked into it... VAPOR LOCK. Food for thought. FISH
  10. Fearnofish!

    Hood Adjust for a FJ60

    The problem there is that regardless of whether or not you have hood bumpers the height of the back corner is fixed by the hinge. The bumber will only adjust the front corners. With that said I just replaced both of my hood hinges after an unfortunate interaction with a deer. There is no room...
  11. Fearnofish!

    Lock right install

    Great advice. I'll print out those instructions as well. Fish.
  12. Fearnofish!


    The degreaser from POR-15 seems to be pretty good. I bought a gallon and only dilute about 1 cup to 1 gallon of hot water. Pour it on and wait about 30 mintues. Stubborn stuff takes a littel elbow grease but things get clean with no corrosive sideeffects. Fish
  13. Fearnofish!

    Exhaust fumes in the cab, seemingly at idle only.

    Had the same thing and stopped by local quicky muffler shop. He told me I had a leak that was just in front of my muffler. It was blowing fumes forward under where I sat. 10 minutes later and 5$ poorer I was driving down the road with the leak welded closed. Maybe have a muffler guy or gal...
  14. Fearnofish!

    Best Tires for winter conditions

    I have 33 12.5 wildcoulntry mud tires and they are terrible on ice and sufficient on snow. Good friend has 285/65s Cooper winter all terain SST or something that looked sipped to me. They handle great in snow and ice and have 6 ply sidewalls.
  15. Fearnofish!

    Lock right install

    Hey, Going to be installing lock-right lockers in the front and back of my 84 FJ60 and was wondering if there was any last minute advice. All comments are welcome from the actual install to drive tips. The front will of course be selectable due to the locking hubs so my DD will have a auto...
  16. Fearnofish!

    F*#$ing oil pan gasket!!!! It's stuck!

    I did mine like Mace did... kinda. I drove a putty knife through the gasket on both sides in about 10 different places. I also cu hte blade down so it was only 1" long. I was concerned about the blade going through and hitting the crank or something. I then use dthe bottle jack set up and...
  17. Fearnofish!

    Hei distributor

    I installed an HEI after my Dizzy crapped out. I Plugged the High altitude vac line and replaced the vac hose for the advance line. I am at 3400ft and have had no problems with advance or pinging. I routinely drive to 8kft with no problems. Not sure how a new stock dizzy would have been but...
  18. Fearnofish!

    Well.... Now what?

    Have you rebult your carb? It sounds like it could be a linkage issue OR a fuel pump issue. Perhaps replace the fuel filter and check the float as said above. Then go through the carb and check all the linkage. A little WD40 never hurt anything. After that I would either do it myself OR...
  19. Fearnofish!

    Alternator...."barely charging"

    Seems like (based on all the cash you have dropped on the truck already) you should just buy a new alternator and see if that fixes it. YOu can get a rebuilt Denso for about 100$. If it's not it you coudl always take it back and but yours back on. It took me about 10 minutes to swap...
  20. Fearnofish!

    Horn problem resolved -- follow-up?

    second that. Cruiserdan is the man with the plan!
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