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    For Sale  1990 HZJ73 NW MT

    Posting for a buddy who's not on ih8mud so best to call him for details. What I do know: bought for his son in college who has grown tired of driving from Montana to Denver in it, well taken care of just tuned up, 93k miles, tires look about 50%. Asking $24,900/offer Call David at (319) 610-2171
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    Two 40's and a case of Redbull

    Finally getting serious about my FJ40 resto... History: First rig was a '78 FJ40 bought in high school in the mid 90's,rust was cleverly concealed by some galvanized sheet riveted to what was left of the quarter panels, aided by some spray foam in the gaps. '86 60 followed (shoulda kept that...
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    looking for 40 r. hatch and more

    As the title says, looking for a rear hatch for my project, including the hard top cross piece that it bolts to. I have some ambulance doors that i could trade in ok condition. Also on the lookout for a later (86+?) 4sp/split case combo. if you have one or know of a 60 in a salvage yard i'd...
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    Clutch adj help

    I recently replaced the master cylinder in my 1980 4x4 pickup, it had been leaking for a while and finally gave out. after installation and lots of tedious bleeding, it only engages at the very top of the pedal throw and doesn't seem to fully engage- clutch was normal before MC replacement...
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    1980 heater relay

    my heater blower just quit on me (seems like my truck only has issues in the winter). fuse is fine-has power. don't seem to be getting any power to the fan switch though. i think i found the relay for this just behind the fuse panel, bolted to the kick panel. it has the same color wires...
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    Driveshaft swap Q

    Question about replacing my front driveshaft, 1980 4wd pickup... I'd been having a thunking noise from my front end when hubs are locked (not as bad) and when in 4wd (worse). i crawled under and sure enough there is a bunch of slop in the double cardan side of the fr. driveshaft. i pulled the...
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    Hi everyone My name is Clay, i've been a lurker here on mud for years, haven't posted much as the search function has answered most of my questions, but looking to become more involved as my '76 FJ40 project gears up. I've owned 3 40s, 3 60s, 2 1980 4x4 toyota trucks (including my...
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    Wanted  FJ40 Turn signal part and cone washers

    So major lesson learned on 1st resto... start one project, then finish before starting other part of project. i have cleaned and painted the turn signal assemblies and all back together, except i lost all 8 of the skinny long screws that hold the lense to the body of the piece. Also...
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    1986 FJ60 $1250 Montana

    1986 FJ60 $1250 Montana SOLD! 1986 FJ60 232k no major leaks but it does have rust and dents. Bought from a buddy last fall, hardly drove it this winter. Need $ for other projects more than i need this. Could probably use a carb rebuild, i think the accelerator pump is bad- needs many pumps...
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