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    SOLD ND: 2019 Land Cruiser built by Eric Sargeant

    Congrats. Happy hunting for your 80/100 series…
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    SOLD ND: 2019 Land Cruiser built by Eric Sargeant

    I believe they are Escape Gear.
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    SOLD 2010-2015 LX570

    That’s what I call a win-win my friend.
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    SOLD 2010-2015 LX570

    Congrats to you and yours on the new ride. She might let you drive it when it needs service…
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    craigslist  2013 Land Cruiser No affiliation.
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    MD - '09 LX 570

    Thanks for sharing. The hyperlink is still good in your post. I’ve noticed this “page unavailable” on other posted autotrader links.
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    SOLD Los Angeles-2009 141k miles

    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking Land Cruiser. Good luck with the sale.
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    craigslist Las Vegas - 2008 LC200 - 72k Miles

    Thanks for sharing. Very nice.
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    For Sale Most recent 200 Series purchase prices

    If he’s not a Oregon resident he’ll pay taxes in Cali when he registers.
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    For Sale  2018 Onyx Blue wTerra Contact Josh Tucker No affiliation .
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    SOLD 200

    More pictures please...
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    SOLD Rome, GA - DEALERSHIP - 2014 46k miles

    and priced right... Thanks for sharing. Happy hunting for the Mrs’s LX.
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    For Sale  2016 Land Cruiser Crestview Fl Balance of CPO. Spoke to Mike Hurst at the dealership. No affiliation
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    SOLD Mobile, AL 2017 Land Cruiser no affiliation

    I have noticed the plastic chrome delaminating on the model years 16-17 so far. Disappointing for as much as these vehicles cost. Anybody replace a center cap yet?
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    SOLD 2018 Landcruiser - mint, original owner, 21,600 miles, factory warranty

    Very nice. This won’t last. Congrats on the Heritage. GLWS.
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    SOLD 2016 200 Series - 45k Miles - Magnetic/Terra - $59,900

    Very nice. GM has come a long way, but no comparison. Then again, happy wife happy life. GLWS.
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    craigslist Miramar beach, Fl 2011 Land Cruiser

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    craigslist  Miramar beach, Fl 2011 Land Cruiser No affiliation.
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    Wanted Any opinions on this vehicle? A bit worried

    I think it’s ok. Carfax says it’s been in Iowa it’s whole life, only spent one winter in Minnesota and the mighty Land Cruiser drove away on its own power after the accident so I don’t believe it was too bad. See if the dealership will send you a video or pics to put your mind at ease. Good...
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    craigslist  2010 200 No affiliation.
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