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    Wanted Gas tank cover grommet

    looking for a 77-78 40 series round black grommet that goes in the hole on top of the gas tank cover. Needs to be in good shape if anyone can help. Thanks
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    Wanted 78 charcoal canister bracket

    Need the lower charcoal vapor canister bracket if anyone has one. I have the upper of the two round brackets, but cant find the bottom one... thanks
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    What is this? Help

    What is this little black thing? Is it original?
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    Fender thread

    Does or has anyone put a seal between the fender and apron? On Top of the fender? Not the apron seal but seems like there should be something there. On a 1978. Has anyone put something there? Would you recommend? Why or why not? What? Pics?
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    Wanted Roll bar screws

    help. I need upper roll bar screw set. Where the two side pieces mount to the larger main bar. I have screws to bolt it to the tub. Need non pitted. Also need two (2) screws for roll bar pad. Missing two. Thanks
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    Builds 9-77 frame off concours Resto attempt

    Sort of in order. 9-77 fj 40. Solid frame and matching numbers. Original engine that ran. Front half was good. Tub was shot. Rear sill gone. Most parts were there. Started disassemble for sand blasting. Bagged and tagged all bolts and took pics as I could. Originally 416 Dune beige but was...
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    Quick help

    Anyone know the screw size for 77-78 fj40 lower dash pad screws and also size or source for the upper plastic vent defrost guides that had the plastic rivit. Thanks all
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    For Sale PIO glove box label

    PIO paper Label/tag found on inside of glove box door. Exact copy of original $10+$3 shipping
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    Wanted Escutcheon

    need rear ambulance inside handle door escutcheon
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    Engine restoration

    Does anyone have a link to or know a fairly definitive guide for correct plating of parts on a 2f? Particularly 77-78... or a picture of a original unrestored ? Thanks
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    Wanted jack rods, grease gun & tools

    Looking for jack rods and handle for FJ40 (Yellow ones in good shape) a toyota grease gun if anyone's willing to part with it, touch up paint can and 250mm monkey wrench. Also trying to round up a spanner set clip (the clip that held them together) ... trying to finish up a project thanks and...
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    Wanted cloth shim

    has anyone come up with a good source for the burlap cloth type shim for under the battery, the bib and radiator?
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    Vin tag question

    Ok... I know the long one goes on driver side A puller (sorry if this has been covered before) but where does the smaller rectangle one go on a 9-77 build 40 go? No holes above heater blower on firewall ... inner fender?
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    Wanted Ambulance door wire cover

    need a inside rear ambulance door license plate wire cover. Need a nice one w no pits if anyone can help
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    Wanted Heat shield

    Looking for the front exhaust manifold heat shield .... thanks
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    Wanted heat shield

    Looking for the front exhaust heat shield for a 78 fj40... thanks
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    '78 seat tracks

    Can anyone show or tell me how to disasemble the seat tracks? I took all screws out and the slider slides but won't come out.... seems to be a stop thanks
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    Wanted 1/2 tub

    need a 1978 1/2 tub. Pilgrim/ccot if someone has one and gave up on their project. DONT want an aqualu or Colombian. I have 2 repop rear quarters with wheel Wells for sale/trade. $800. Thanks
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    Wanted 3:73 gears

    need a decent set of 3:73's if anyone has them please
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    2F rebuild

    Does anyone know of anyone in Kentucky or surrounding states that rebuilds 2F's? Also need a media blaster... And recommendation on instrument cluster Resto? Steering box rebuild? Thanks all
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