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  1. ginericLC

    For Sale ID, FJ62 complete Front and Rear axles $600/pair

    I have a set of 1988 FJ62 axles stock 4.11 gears. They will need a knuckle rebuild as the felts are leaking. Good Aisin Hubs. Brakes are decent. Near Boise, Idaho
  2. ginericLC

    For Sale FJ80 Rock Rig

    Built FJ80, 350TBI conversion with full emissions and cat (CO exemption papers), 39.5" Swampers, 15" True Design Beadlocks, full sized spare is not a beadlock, heavy duty axle shafts/birfs,, elocker front, detroit rear, 5.29 gears, heavy duty drivelines, Slee skid plate, Slee prototype front...
  3. ginericLC

    Wanted tailgate handle

    I need a tailgate handle for a 73 FJ55. I borrowed a 55 from OwyheeJackAss for a photo shoot and he emailed me and told me the tailgate handle was broken. So I'm getting him a replacement. We never opened up the tailgate at the photo shoot so I'm not sure what happened but I want to make it...
  4. ginericLC

    Desert Air Intake 2019 Tacoma

    I was along for this trip and the video doesn't really do the intake the justice it deserves. The Tacoma air filter was roughly 1/3 dirty where as the 4Runner filter even with the pre filter was about 2/3 dirty. The conditions we were in were very extreme in terms of dust. It wasn't like we...
  5. ginericLC

    45 in the clouds

    I know I'm biased on this but this and the 55 that matches it are two of my favorite paintings my wife has ever done. She has a couple of other 45 pickup paintings on real Land Cruiser metal...
  6. ginericLC

    I'm biased but this is one of my favorites

    If it never sells I'll be happy to have it hang in our house. It is a little different style than what my wife typically paints and I love it.
  7. ginericLC

    For Sale Land Cruiser Paintings of course some 55 LOVE Some swine art to support the 4H swine. My Happy Place is a personal favorite.
  8. ginericLC

    For Sale 16" 100 series wheels (5) $200

    I have a set of 100 series factory 16" wheels that I'm not going to use. I sold my 100 a few years ago. I bought them to run a second set of wheels. The previous owner painted 4 of them black. They are actually in really good shape, not a lot of curb dings or gouges. They could probably be...
  9. ginericLC

    For Sale Old Man Emu 80 series front control arms with Bushings

    $100 pair plus actual shipping. Bushings are in good shape. SOLD
  10. ginericLC

    For Sale Old Man Emu 80 series front control arms with Bushings

    $100 pair plus actual shipping. Bushings are in good shape. SOLD
  11. ginericLC

    For Sale 45 art for the swine

    OK I know that sounds like art for the 55 guys :) But it isn't. I know a lot of you don't get out of the 45 section and I can't say I blame you. If you have a 45 why not spend the time with people who are diehards for the same exact model as you. I bought a 66 FJ45 pickup in 1993. I was...
  12. ginericLC

    For Sale Some Swine Art to benefit the Swine Projects

    For Sale - Land Cruiser Paintings My wife was inspired by some of the 55s I had collected and hoped to build. I'm still missing that dream. But sometimes life just happens. Anyway, I know a lot of you don't get out of the 55 section at all so here's a link to them. If the red/white PS 1/4...
  13. ginericLC

    For Sale 80 series complete rear axle fullfloater

    Fullfloating non-locker complete rear axle. Pulled from a running driving truck. Honestly, I would put rotors and pads on it before I ran it. $490 or best offer, plus shipping if need be. I'll be to SLC in the next month or so. I'm also planning a trip to Stockton, CA before August and...
  14. ginericLC

    For Sale 100 series upper control arms new

    I have a set of new 100 series upper control arms. I believe they are aftermarket but they seem to be good quality. $125/pair shipped in the U.S. Or $100 in the Boise area. Don't laugh but my wife accidentally bought them. I sent her to go pick up some LC parts from a guy on craigslist...
  15. ginericLC

    For Sale Free 55 frame

    I have a good 55 frame without a title just sitting. It is solid. The only issue is the very rear crossmember was removed. Free to someone who will come pick it up. I think it is about a 72. Eric V.
  16. ginericLC

    For Sale 80 power seat switches

    $58 each shipped in the U.S. DS is SOLD.
  17. ginericLC

    For Sale 91-94 80 series grills, 97 LX40 grill

    All have good tabs. $75 each plus actual shipping. I guess PM an email address for photos as they won't upload.
  18. ginericLC

    For Sale 4.56 geared third SOLD

    Was installed in the front and lightly used for 2k miles in a FJ60, so basically no use at all as it would only be used while in 4wd. This will fit 40s, 55s, 60s, etc... front and rear and 80s in the rear. It has a late 60 flange. SOLD
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