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  1. Marn0

    3b compressor

    Hi all quick question- Will an airconditioner compressor bracket from a 3b fit a b? Thanks!
  2. Marn0

    Removable top 45

    Hi all, I have a 1970 fj45 that you can remove the steel roof by clips i think separately from the top section of the cab which can also be removed by clips. My question is how can i tell if its a swb or lwb? Does anyone have a measurement from the back of the cab to the end of the chassis for...
  3. Marn0

    ARB bullbars

    rightio guys. It’s actually happening. After much asking, ARB are doing a limited run of their old school bar. Orders must be in before 3rd? October. Not sure how you guys go stateside but it is a limited run. Orders only. Comes with a spiffy badge Looks good. From what i can tell its a orders...
  4. Marn0

    45 cab to 60 frame

    Hi guys, I have a 1970 fj45 with a really straight fairly rust free cab, but the frame is twisted and cracked and has had many poor welding jobs done on it- basically its toast. BUT I can get hold of a rolling 60 shell for a hundred bucks. So I began to wonder if the frame was basically the same...
  5. Marn0

    Anyone have pics of second battery??

    Hi all i have a 1979 BJ40 an am looking to install a second battery to run my fridge. Where do people mount their second batteries??? I have seen one before in a tray located between the chassis rails at the front of the car (behind bull bar) Anyone done this? Looking for options Thanks
  6. Marn0

    64 fj40 fst windscreen rubber

    Hi all, I am coming to the time in my resto when i want to put the windscreen back in and i am looking for a new windscreen rubber. The only problem is that the early windscreens have a smaller seal and i am having trouble finding one. Are they available OEM? Or if not, where are people...
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