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    Moaning sound from kitchen plumbing

    Try pouring a bucket of water in the sink and see if it still moans.
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    Tool Problems - coincidence or did I botch my garage electrical wiring?

    Get a vom and measure the voltage across the plug. Hopefully it isn;t 230vac that you are feeding to the tools!
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    Penn Marshall Stone House.

    Yes, life happens! Keep up the good work! It will all come together soon.
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    The Water Well Thread

    Have had RO system on whole house except external faucets since 1983 and no harm to septic! the amount of salt it puts out is very small. You want whole house for washing machine and bath rooms!
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    The Water Well Thread

    Almost everyone in the Anchorage area with a well had cloudy water. As far as I know the casing was not perforated.
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    The Water Well Thread

    about 155ft deep cased all the way, pump hung at 125ft. Was on galvanized pipe but changed to plastic at pump failure a few years ago.
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    The Water Well Thread

    Nice work! Every earthquake up here rattles the pump around and clouds up the water for a week or so.
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    John Deere L130 42" Snowblower Gear box Explosion Issue

    Looks like the bolt that holds the upper support bracket to the case finally fell out after wallowing out the hole in the case. Then the case was not supported and broke.
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    remember "He who hesitates is lost"
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    Garage Plan Ideas

    Floor drain, yes! If not put in now, it will cost big bucks later on when you change your mind.
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    Bluetooth sound system for shop. Any recommendations?

    My music library is almost 2tb now so it wouldn't fit on your iPhone! Just upgraded to a 4tb portable HD to take to the cabin for "tunes". Even the cheapest used laptop will play MP3s and have a headphone jack.
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    Bluetooth sound system for shop. Any recommendations?

    Just add a cheap computer and use free MP3 files from the internet. Earphone output from PC to CD input on amp.
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    Gardening / composting...

    just throw some dirt in with the leaves, that should get them started.
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    Building a new house and shop

    Garages always seem to get smaller with age.
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    Mini Tractors - lets see um

    What my rig does 1/2 of the year.
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    Building a new house and shop

    rope and chain, and use tractor to pull up the hill?
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    The temporary man cave (aka building the basement)

    Oil, Grease, special dirt? If you wouldn't put it in your mouth, don't put it in the septic system! It has a hard enough time handling your body waste! Some detergents are bad for it too. If you don't take care of it , it will cost you big time. Consider getting it pumped out every few years to...
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    Garage Plan Ideas

    I would put a 50w LED Flood switched on each outside wall too.
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    Garage Plan Ideas

    No problem with any led bulbs, don't buy the tubes that go in an existing florescent fixture because the ballast is still working and you lose the efficiency of having LED. I wired a off grid shop with duplex outlets and then put 2prong plugs on 20w and 50w LED flood lights. Makes it easy to...
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