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  1. Dork

    Overlanding is the same as camping, right?

    Sounds like you're a Hipster Overlander. Should probably see a doctor about that.
  2. Dork

    'Cant live without' expedition ...things?

    I don't see why not. An expedition is just a long car camping trip, right?
  3. Dork

    'Cant live without' expedition ...things?

    The vehicle.
  4. Dork

    best source of expo build parts and pieces

    I like the switches from OTRATTW . The amount of graphics options for their Contura series are great, look good and they're Carling sized, so they fit in the spare button slots with minor help.
  5. Dork

    '17 WK2 Trailhawk Overland Build

    Hopefully they're better off now. My sister bought a '14, and while it was super comfortable and fancy, it was in the shop for warranty work 13 times in a 12 month period. She was without it a total of something like 20 weeks out of the year and they never got all the problems sorted out...
  6. Dork

    buy newer or build older?

    You can use the same philosophy when picking women. Just exchange offroad with the word loving.
  7. Dork

    buy newer or build older?

    Even with light wheeling, the old truck will get scratches or dents and you will say "damn, that sucks". With a new vehicle, you get a scratch and say "awwww fer f*ck's sake, not again! I can't f*cking believe this!" And your drive home is ruined.
  8. Dork

    Trip Prep, not your vehicle

    Ditto on the head shear, shave and nail clipping, but paired up with a most thorough shower. My little tip is to carry free cologne samples in my hygiene kit for when appropriate. Easier than a full bottle.
  9. Dork

    Hzj 78 Expedition

    Around here they post signs if there won't be fuel for 100km. A 2000km stretch is a long-ass ways. Impressive build and cool adventures.
  10. Dork

    What *is* an expedition build?

    Yeah, looks good to me. I joke as well, but i think an expedition is supposed to have been going to a place that is essentially undiscovered. Regular, mapped and sometimes even maintained 4x4 trails don't count.
  11. Dork

    What *is* an expedition build?

    Alexander Mackenzie (explorer) - Wikipedia Lewis and Clark Expedition - Wikipedia Franklin's lost expedition - Wikipedia Magellan–Elcano circumnavigation - Wikipedia Those are the kinds of things I think of when I think of expedition. Going car camping a little further from the road, while...
  12. Dork

    What *is* an expedition build?

    Expedition is a term recently appropriated by marketing folk and made popular in order to sell things that originally a small group of people bought and used to people who don't really need it. It used to mean something else, but someone has already beaten you everywhere you could ever hope to go.
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