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    HELP! Coolant lost in middle of big trip

    Hi folks, After driving my 2006 GX470 1000+ miles over the last few weeks to and then around the southern appalachians, I’m set to continue on to family in eastern NC tomorrow (about 350 miles) with a small trailer in tow, with two little kids and another car in caravan. I go to check fluids on...
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    driver's side axle seal repair?

    I have what looks like a really leaky seal on the driver's side of the front differential in the new-to-me 2006 GX w/KDSS and 120+ k miles. I am mechanically inclined and have a more experienced buddy to help. Does anyone know the procedure for pulling the axle and replacing that seal? I'd...
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    Frog Truck build/use thread

    Ok, with help from this forum, I bought a 2006 GX Sport a few weeks back as a 2-for-1 work 4x4 and family wagon. I've done a few small things already and have a long list of things to come, mainly limited by my time. Done: timing belt/water pump, steering fluid flush, air filters (desperately...
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    Help this newb buy GX or T4R as work rig ASAP

    Hi folks It's time for me to upgrade from a well used Xterra to a more capable and family friendly 4x4 work wagon/family hauler/foul weather commuter on the 120 platform. I'd like help with a specific decision. Oh wise and experienced ones, please guide me as I begin this journey. Sorry about...
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