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  1. Chris Wilcox

    Trailer Park Brake solved with pics

    For the M101 CDN you can still get all oem parts including the cable.
  2. Chris Wilcox

    Question for Canadian trailer owners

    As a response to your first question. What you have in the USA is what we have in Canada. 1-7/8", 2" etc. First time I every heard of Trigg.
  3. Chris Wilcox

    Leaf springs for M101 CDN

    I did not, I reused mine.
  4. Chris Wilcox

    Leaf springs for M101 CDN

    I have a total of 8 wheels, 3 on the trailer, 2 with the old tires on them and 3 bare. Some have more rust than others. If you look long enough you will find an iltis owner or a wheel on kijiji. That is how I found all mine. This image is found on google. 215/85R16 Firestone Destination MT...
  5. Chris Wilcox

    Leaf springs for M101 CDN

    Firestone Destination M/T2 235/85R16. (215/85 would be a better fit to OEM but the size is hard to find.) They were difficult to install due to the rubbber rim edge protector but they went on and look good. I'm glad to be using tires that aren't over 20 years old now.
  6. Chris Wilcox

    Leaf springs for M101 CDN

    Still not able to find springs so I too chose a "cuban style" refreshing. It was a lot of work removing the springs from the trailer but I gained ride height and it sits more level now. Mine were not as bad as Jim's but the end result was the same, much better spring appearance. I coated them in...
  7. Chris Wilcox

    Leaf springs for M101 CDN

    I am amazed. I have been looking for some new springs for a couple years. Mine aren't as bad as yours so some day I'm going to follow your lead on this.
  8. Chris Wilcox

    Leaf springs for M101 CDN

    image of M101CDN top in green and the M100 rusty.
  9. Chris Wilcox

    Tongue Box Ideas for M416, M100, M101-CDN, etc

    I mounted an ammo can in the tongue. Very useful for storing stuff and doesn't get in the way. I'll try to get a picture. Found two. It is a FAT 50 I believe and I used a few brackets. No change to the trailer other than 4 small mounting holes. If you want closeups let me know via pm. The...
  10. Chris Wilcox

    Craigslist find!

    I don't have a rooftop tent for experience but I know there were other threads on here that said these things should have a diagonal brace on each side. So for yours this could be top front to bottom rear or opposite of that. Anyway you don't want it crashing down away from home. Push on it some...
  11. Chris Wilcox

    Craigslist find!

    Are you going to sleep in that with only the supports as shown? Are you not concerned that it may fall over?
  12. Chris Wilcox

    M101A1 overlanding build

    Photos worked for me. Looks really nice.
  13. Chris Wilcox

    M101A(x) trailer: anything odd here?

    When you all say you don't see the landing leg are you talking about the one I've seen on some of these at the rear? The tongue landing gear is shown in the second picture. I agree with the $500 opinions.
  14. Chris Wilcox

    License Plate Location on M100/M416/M101Cdn

    On M101CDN, I used the oem location. Just google m101cdn and you will see lots of pics of them on the rear center mounted low. The holes were drilled from factory.
  15. Chris Wilcox

    Aanyone towing a M1101?

    @HulkFJ is/was FJ40 with new demilitarized trailer Post any pictures you have of yours being towed please. Others
  16. Chris Wilcox

    M101A(x) trailer: anything odd here?

    I see the landing leg. It has a very close resemblance to my friends A1. Not an A3 because axle is straight.
  17. Chris Wilcox

    offroad trailer storage

    I ended up building a 12x16 shed and push the M101CDN into it during the winter. It had to happen because my wife wasn't into a 3rd year of having it occupy the carport while her daily driver sat in the snow. If you could swing the shed or at least canopy of some sort you could avoid rain/snow...
  18. Chris Wilcox

    Anyone able to provide info on JLTV-T Cargo Trailer

    Military Surplus Trailer m1101 m105 m101 JLTV INDEPENDENT COIL suspension 2013 | eBay I saw this on ebay. It is large but has many interesting features. In particular does anyone know what the black metal structure is on the tongue?
  19. Chris Wilcox

    Trailer Design

    Mechanical Engineer and agree with ntsqd with regards to highest stress point and ability to deal with it better with a separate beam under the front of deck.
  20. Chris Wilcox

    DIY Tow Dolly

    I like everything but the straps through the wheels, You are asking for a cut strap that way. Didn't read all text, disregard if you addressed it above.
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