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  1. kbFJ60

    For Sale  Stock radio

    Selling a stock radio for a 95-97 land cruiser and for a 96-97 lx450.Both are in good working condition and lights are working.$75 sipped each in CA.Tnx
  2. kbFJ60

    For Sale  Forester hood scoop

    Selling a forester hood scoop $150 shipped
  3. kbFJ60

    For Sale  98-00 lc100 gauge

    Selling a used but in good condition gauge cluster for a LC100 land cruiser.Mileage is almost 200 plus not really sure bought this a couple of years ago. Selling $150 shipped to CA.Tnx
  4. kbFJ60

    SOLD  80 series sun visors

    I have sun visors for 91-97 land cruisers and 96-97 lx450 tan and grey both are bolt on no modifications.Both are in good condition no damages $100 for a set shipped in CA.Tnx
  5. kbFJ60

    SOLD  Steering wheel 80 series

    95-97 land cruiser and 96-97 lx450 $175 shipped in CA.Tnx
  6. kbFJ60

    SOLD  OEM rear tire carrier

    Selling a complete rear tire carrier for 91-97 land cruiser.Everything is complete for you to install the rear tire carrier.Inner upper and lower brackets for the frame, license relocator and covers brand new for the upper and lower part of the tire carrier.Located in San Jose CA.Asking $1K.Tnx
  7. kbFJ60

    For Sale  Steering wheel and visors

    95-97 land cruiser tan steering wheel $175 shipped has a firm grip and minor imperfections and visors are in good condition $125 shipped
  8. kbFJ60

    SOLD  Kings swag tent

    Selling a double king swag tent complete with accessories like the bag,large memory foam ,large mat used before setting the tent ,and 2 sleeping bag that is super comfortable and thick not the cheap ones and that can be combined to one .All gears were ordered from Australia through a friend...
  9. kbFJ60

    For Sale  Steering wheel and sun visors

    Selling a oem steering wheel that will fit 95-97 land cruiser and 96-97 lx450.Both steering wheel are in good condition no rips and doesn’t flex when you grip.These are original and hasn’t been repaired.No cracks or damage.$225 including shipping.Sun visors are $125 a pair including shipping...
  10. kbFJ60

    For Sale  97 Poverty Pack land cruiser

    97 land cruiser clean title,3xlocked,155xxx miles Original poverty pack no sunroof,no 3rd seats,no sliding windows.Has manual cloth seats,grey interior, very clean . Will come with original steel rims 5 pieces with brand new KM2 including spare,also has rear brand new oem AC that needs to be...
  11. kbFJ60

    SOLD  99 land cruiser

    Selling a 99 land cruiser 172xxx miles, clean title Timing belt,water pump,valve cover gasket,plug wires and spark plugs,thermostat,all fluids and fan clutch changed at 170xxx (have all receipts) All parts installed brand new and is less than 2 month old Iron man lift kit stage 2 including front...
  12. kbFJ60

    SOLD  96 LX450

    Looking to trade my 96 lx450 for a 95-97 blue land cruiser.If you have one that’s rust free and has a clean title pls let me know.The lexus has a clean title and passes smog,has front and rear lockers all stock new head gasket. Everything works as it should mechanically and electrical. No rust...
  13. kbFJ60

    SOLD  Kyb stock shocks and rear springs 99 lc100

    Selling 4 kyb shocks and a rear spring for a 99 land cruiser.The shocks was only used for 6 months and then just upgraded to Ironman lift kit today.Shocks are in good condition no leaks I will include the rear springs everything $150 plus shipping.Parts are located in San Jose CA
  14. kbFJ60

    SOLD  99 land cruiser torsion bar

    I have a set of stock torsion bar from a 99 cruiser with $170xxx miles for sale $150 plus shipping located in San Jose CA. Selling because upgraded to Ironman lift kit tnx
  15. kbFJ60

    For Sale  95-97 sun visors and steering wheel

    I have 4 sets of tan sun-visors and 2 sets of grey sun visors that are perfect replacement for the oem visors that are saging already these are bolt on and no modifications these will fit 91-97 land cruisers and 96-97 lx450. I am asking $100 including shipping I also have 1 steering wheel...
  16. kbFJ60

    Wanted  2008 LX570 ECU

    Looking to buy a ecu for a 2008 lx570 #89661-60G62
  17. kbFJ60

    Wanted  08-10 lx570

    Looking for a 08-10 lx570 preferably in the Bay Area Pls PM me if you have one for sale.Tnx in advance.
  18. kbFJ60

    SOLD  Sun visors and steering wheel

    Grey sun visors for 91-97 land cruiser $100 shipped and grey steering wheel $175 shipped no cruise control will fit 95-97 land cruiser 1 size smaller from stock steering wheel fits perfectly
  19. kbFJ60

    SOLD  94 complete rear end

    Selling a complete rear end disc to disc from a 94 land cruiser nothing wrong with just replace it with a axel with lockers.Asking $500 located in San Jose CA.Tnx
  20. kbFJ60

    For Sale  Upper and lower 95-97 tail gate

    Selling a a lower tail gate from a 97 lx450 $200 complete with body molding gold and silver color and a upper hatch color green All parts are good condition and no rust $175 all located in San Jose CA
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