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  1. remac226

    What LX470 replacement speakers did you use?

    I have a 2005 LX470 with the ML speakers and I am about to order new speakers for the front and rear doors. Have already replaced head unit, amps, and sub. Have read all the posts I can find but want to hear what those with my same ML setup have used without major modification or fabrication...
  2. remac226

    How Long to Disconnect Battery to Erase Bluetooth Memory

    Does anyone know if I disconnect the battery and for how long would the phones saved to my factory blue tooth be erased in my 05 LX470? I didn't erase them before I did stereo work and now the access to delete it is no longer available and it keeps trying to pair with my phone making me nuts...
  3. remac226

    LX470 Rearview Mirror Help

    I need some advice on removing my 2005 LX470 rearview mirror. It has the standard rattle and is loose on the mount. I have read all the posts and it seems pretty straight forward but I cannot get the main center screw to loosen or tighten on mine. Anyone else had this problem and if so how did...
  4. remac226

    LX470 Head Unit in place of tape deck?

    I have a 2005 LX470. I have been reading all of the stereo posts but am unclear on one item and do not see mention of it. I was thinking why can I not remove the tape deck and fabricate a plate and mount a new head unit there running new wires amps etc? Realizing that the factory amp wiring...
  5. remac226

    For Sale  FREE TO GOOD HOME LX470 Third Row Seats COlumbia, SC

    I have a set of nice grey LX470 third row seats sitting in my garage I will never use. If you want them you can have them if you are willing to pick them up. I am located in Columbia, SC. Send me your number and I will give you a call if interested.
  6. remac226

    Does your aftermarket rear bumper rattle and make noise?

    Considering an aftermarket rear bumper for my 05 LX470. Have been looking at all of the options. My biggest concern is if they rattle alot? Had one on a jeep that was noisy but it was a jeep. The 100 is nice and quiet and would like to keep it that way if I can. Let me know what you have and if...
  7. remac226

    For Sale  Excellent Nitto Terra Grappler tires on 18" Lexus LX470 wheels with center caps

    Excellent Nitto Terra Grappler tires on 18" Lexus LX470 wheels with center caps. Tire size is 265/70R18 and maybe have 10k miles if that. Tires and wheels have stems, are balanced, and ready to bolt on. Will fit 5x150 lug pattern Tundra, Sequoia, Landcruiser, Land Cruiser, and of course Lexus...
  8. remac226

    TJM T17 Bumper - what winch are you using?

    Put the TJM T17 Bumper on my LX470 and am going to add the winch. Was curious what those that have the bumper on a 100 have been able to fit without modifications. Pictures are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  9. remac226

    Wanted  Looking for 16" 100 Seies Wheels in SC

    Looking for 16" 100 Seies Wheels in SC. Am located in Columbia. Regularly travel to upstate SC and Brevard / Asheville NC area.
  10. remac226

    CD Changer Fill Pocket????

    Let me start by saying I have searched and read and read. Both of my prior 100s did not have the cd changer in the center console. I have no use for it and plan to pull it out (don't know if it works and honestly don't care). I REALLY want the missing space in the console. Has anyone found a...
  11. remac226

    Wanted  WTB ARB winch bumper for 2000 LX470

    I am in Columbia, SC and am looking for a good solid winch bumper for my 2000 LX470. Would prefer once local that I can touch but good shipped.
  12. remac226

    4wd Low light not coming on 2000 LX470

    Searched but I could not find and answer. I purchased a 2000 LX470 on Saturday. Shifts into 4wd low and can feel it is definitely in but the light is not coming on. If I push the transfer case lock button the VSC light and t-case lights both come on and I can hear it lock and unlock either in...
  13. remac226

    For Sale  1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

    1991 Toyota Land cruiser. White with blue cloth interior. 3FE engine with 222,XXX miles. Body and interior in excellent condition with no dents, rust, or major wear. Power windows, power sunroof, power locks (with Keyless entry), AM/FM CD radio with Ipod connection in the glove box, automatic...
  14. remac226

    For Sale  1991 Toyota Land Cruiser

    No longer for sale.
  15. remac226

    Thinking of selling. Whats it worth?

    I have a 1991 80 series. 222,XXX miles. White with blue interior (interior almost perfect). No rust, body straight and paint good. Custom rear storage, 2" OME, ARB bumper and 6K Warn winch, New 285s on 16" factory alloys, too many new parts including brakes all around to list. Problems: A/C...
  16. remac226

    AC no worky and burnt electrical smell.

    I read the posts but could not find exactly what I was looking for. My truck is a 1991 80 series with the 3FE. AC has seemed like it was getting warmer over the last few weeks but then again it has been in excess of 100 alot here in SC. On the way back from the mountains yesterday I stopped to...
  17. remac226

    Possible to repair a heater core?

    Found my heather core leaking. Always something! Luckily in SC don't really need heat right now so I have temporarily bypassed it. I searched but did not find a clear answer. Is it possible to have the heater core repaired with any success? If not who has the best price on them? Thanks!
  18. remac226

    VCV valve release pressure

    Mine is broken. I am trying to find a substitute for it that is less $ than the factory part. Does anyone have a vacuum value required for it to open or a good one sitting around they can hook a vacuum pump up to and get the value from?
  19. remac226

    check valve name???

    I am sure it is on the forum but am limited to my blackberry and want to try and fix it while I am out of town. I replaced the charcoal canister with the GM fix here on the forum and it helped but I still smell fuel when I stop and shut it off. I need to know what the check valve the charcoal...
  20. remac226

    Wanted  Gray Tuff Duck 80 series seat covers

    Looking for a good set of gray Tuff Duck seat covers for my manual seat 80 series. Would like front and rear but will buy what you have if the price is right. My email is Thanks!!
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