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  1. BlueCruiser84

    20r Water choke to manual choke

    Has anyone ditched the water choke and converted the existing linkage to a manual choke? I’m guessing most people just switch to a Weber, but I’m an Aisin man. My goal is to ditch all the hoses running hither and yon to a simple pull choke like the 2F motors had.
  2. BlueCruiser84

    2004 double cab softopper too short.

    I was told this topper came off a double cab Tacoma, but it certainly seems too short. I’ve only had a softopper on my 4runner - never on a pickup, but this doesn’t look right. If I move the rails in either direction there’s no way the top will even attempt to cover one end of the bed...
  3. BlueCruiser84

    SOLD  1994 fzj80. Built, maintained, loved, wheeled, dented.

    Asking price is $7500 and I’m not going lower. The time has come to sell my 80. I’ve had it for almost 7 years and about 30,000 miles. I still drive it a few times a week, but I don't commute for work and I have three other built Toyotas. Unfortunately the 80 is the least fun of them to...
  4. BlueCruiser84

    1980 20r vs 1983 22r wire harness

    I have a 1980 20r pickup from Arizona. The harness is is bad shape - heat and POs did a number on it, though it the motor runs and most everything works. No smog equipment. I just picked up an ‘83 with a beautiful harness. T My gauge cluster has a tach and gauges. The ‘83 just has idiot...
  5. BlueCruiser84

    Fender cracks

    Is this common on these old Toyota’s? Obviously I’m going to weld this crack up. Is it worth it to “plate” the area with some additional sheet metal? I’ll be wheeling this truck but probably not anything TOO wild. Passenger side has a tiiiiny little crack I can weld from the engine bay. Is...
  6. BlueCruiser84

    For Sale  No longer for sale - 2004 double cab tacoma

    2004 Double Cab Tacoma TRD Offroac 4x4, First off! This truck has a rebuilt title. It was totaled in 2004, rebuilt, and here we are. 212k miles (slowly going up). Just did timing belt and water pump at 205k. Runs and drives great. Has The TRD Elocker with grey wire mod. I’ve just been using...
  7. BlueCruiser84

    Patty - A 1980 “Long” bed.

    So I bought another Toyota because I have no impulse control. You may have seen it on this site, most notably when @yotadude520 owned it. It’s a 1980 Long bed Toyota Truck. The bed has been bobbed to a standard bed length. It has 5.29s and lockrights front and rear, a w56 5spd and regular old...
  8. BlueCruiser84

    Trade  Virginia - Dobinson rear 4” flexy coils

    I’ve got a set of very lightly used Dobinson rear 4” flexy coils that I would like to trade for some 3” or 2” tapered/progressive coils in similar condition - don’t really care what brand. I have a pretty “light” 80 and these were just too tall for me. I’m really only interested in trading and...
  9. BlueCruiser84

    Camper top for Double Cab

    Does anyone have a list of other vehicle toppers that fit a first gen double cab short bed? Nissan frontier, Chevy Colorado, etc.? I’d really like a camper top, but the odds of finding one for a double cab Tacoma around me are slim.
  10. BlueCruiser84

    Wanted  Toyota pickup/4Runner 8” locker

    I’m looking for a lunchbox locker - spartan, lock right, etc. - to go in my first gen 4Runner. Shipping is fine. I’m at zip code 24482. Thanks! Brian
  11. BlueCruiser84

    Getting Neglected A/C going

    Hi all, The AC is my 94fzj80 has not worked since I bought it 8 years ago. It had no charge in it and I didn’t really care. I disconnected it once to get to the heater core ~6yrs ago and about a year ago removed the drier for a high clearance bumper And just left the lines dangling open. I...
  12. BlueCruiser84

    Signal relocation to corner lights. No cutting/splicing.

    I just relocated my front turn signals to my corner lights due to installing an aftermarket bumper. This is nothing new, but I combined a couple methods into one that worked for me. I hate cutting factory wiring so I bought plugs which plug into the factory turn signal plugs. Then I drilled...
  13. BlueCruiser84

    First gen supercharger rebuild kit

    Hi guys, The SC is sounding a little raspy on this new to me tacoma and figure quarantine is a good time to dig into it. Dunno when it was service last. Is there a decent kit you would recommend to service these grey SCs? I’ve found a few on EBay, but I am completely new to forced induction...
  14. BlueCruiser84

    360* spray adapter for rattle cans

    Hi guys, Im doing Some bodywork on a 4Runner. This is a semi beater trail truck/DD and I am NOT (I can’t stress that enough) a body man. I’ve welded in a bunch of patch panels on the rockers and rear fenders along with some fender trimming. I didn’t use weld thru primer because I didn’t know...
  15. BlueCruiser84

    De-pin this (and other) connectors

    Probably a stupid question - can someone please tell me how to remove the female wire connectors from this plug? I have used picks and small screwdrivers from both sides with no success. I’m trying really hard not to break the plastic, but my patience is running out. Am I missing something...
  16. BlueCruiser84

    For Sale  1994 new fzj80 rear heater hardlines.

    Looks OEM to me but I have no idea. Came with a cruiser I bought and I don’t have rear heat. Brand new. $100. I can ship on your dime but I’m sure it would be expensive due to the weird dimensions. Located in Verona, VA 24482
  17. BlueCruiser84

    Old man emu CS009r

    Hey guys, I’ve searched but the information either isn’t here or buried beyond my search abilities. It seems the CS009r is a pretty common addition to these old trucks, but I’m having a hard time finding information on removing leaves for minimal lift. Installing the springs as they come...
  18. BlueCruiser84

    Aluminum Fj80/4Runner/pickup

    Does anyone know if these style rims are the same no matter what truck they came on? I have a set from an fj80, but would like to track down another set - curious if they are all the same. As a follow up - anyone have a picture of these on a first gen Tacoma??
  19. BlueCruiser84

    Ebrake cable. Rear axle bolt.

    Does anyone know what type of fastener bolts this bracket doo-dad (might be the equalizer?) onto the axle housing? Doesn’t look like a standard bolt would work. I’m assuming it’s something with a larger smooth shoulder to allow the bracket movement. If anyone has a part number or even a link...
  20. BlueCruiser84

    2004 Tacoma ATF spec

    Hello, I just picked up a 2004 Tacoma with an Automatic. It did not come with the owners manual so I was wondering if someone could tell me if the transmission takes Dex-III or the Toyota T-IV. I've read conflicting information on the interwebs.
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