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  1. Pighead

    Rear end noise turning right?

    Would there be a locker of some kind in the diff?
  2. Pighead

    FJ55 VIN Decoding

    As I recall, when I registered my 12/'74 Pig in Ca, back in '85 or so, they had to add the 0 to my VIN to satisfy their computers need for enough digits
  3. Pighead

    Headlight switch knob

    Probably not, but could you share a pic so I know what I'm looking for?
  4. Pighead

    Fuel pump question…

    Then I would check to make sure you have a well-timed spark. You can set static timing with eyeballs. And how much gas are you dribbling in? Might take more than you think.
  5. Pighead

    Fuel pump question…

    I saw that. So the mechanic puts a Weber on it, and when that runs poopy maybe then he'll suggest an Aisin? Or maybe a Rochester next. Does mechanic have a boat payment due?
  6. Pighead

    Fuel pump question…

    Yet, he suggested you swap on a Weber carb and not go back to a stock Aisin?
  7. Pighead

    Wisdom/Folly. 1973/75/76 Mashup

    It all sounds perfectly normal to me (try Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters for the 3 speed rebuild kit...)
  8. Pighead

    LED Flasher

    Talk to Coolerman
  9. Pighead

    F engine oil pressure regulator

    I heard it was his pantyhose. Alledgedly.
  10. Pighead

    F engine oil pressure regulator

    Traditionally, cereal box cardboard...
  11. Pighead

    Paint motor/tranny/transfer...

    To pull the bell housing you need to pull the flywheel. And then you've got a "while I'm in there" problem. Sure, they come apart almost easily, putting it all back together is one of the hardest jobs on a LandCruiser. You can do a heck of a masking job in the time it would take you to stab the...
  12. Pighead

    Aisin Carb

    The first person I would recommend is the owner/driver of the rig. It's not that hard, there are videos of the whole thing and there is much useful knowledge to be gained. Barring that, Jim C. does know what he's doing. Some people seem to think that Mark A. can rebuild one as well...
  13. Pighead

    Four-Core Radiator Part Number?

    I tried a 4 row core in my 2F powered FJ55 for 10 years or so. Not impressed. The tubes were smaller, thinner walled with thinner fragiler fins. Went back to a 3 row core a couple years ago. Seems sturdier, more LandCruiserish. Cools just as well, though that's rarely a problem.
  14. Pighead

    Newby to 40s...

    That looks like a stock carb, which has a little port hole window that lets you look at the fuel level in the float bowl. Fuel should be halfway up that porthole. Clean yours off and see if you can see the fuel level (probably not).
  15. Pighead

    Newby to 40s...

    May we have more pictures please?
  16. Pighead

    Newby to 40s...

    I just went out and tried to start mine with no choke and no pumps. It's 80*F here now. Engine caught a little on first crank, but died. Tried again with one smooth press of accelerator while cranking and it started nicely but still wanted choke to warm up. Perhaps we could agree that each...
  17. Pighead

    Newby to 40s...

    Pumping (the accelerator peddle I assume) is common but not necessarily normal. What carburetor do you have? Pics of engine please. A well tuned 2F (like mine) usually takes full choke and 2 pumps to start when temps are above freezing, more pumps when below.
  18. Pighead

    Let’s see your ugliest 40s/55s!

    Beauty the Beasty (your new rig's name)
  19. Pighead

    Let’s see your ugliest 40s/55s!

    Fix that and she'll be a real beauty
  20. Pighead

    Sputtering, Hesitating or Stalling Going Uphill

    Fuel filter?
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