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  1. Pippylongsausage

    Wheelin wit ha Master Mechanic's Supercharged 80

    I really enjoyed this. I swear I've seen the green truck around Atlanta before.
  2. Pippylongsausage

    Builds My 1997 Desert Dune CE

    Looks awesome. I know that’s a great feeling getting that beast in.
  3. Pippylongsausage

    Installers: No matter where you are, where do you go?

    There are plenty of reputable shops active on this forum.
  4. Pippylongsausage

    After market radio and disabling antenna

    Before you dive into the Tacoma mod, take a look at this. Replaces the mast only and is apparently a very easy install. Just got mine and haven’t installed it. will report back how it is. AntennaMastsRus - Conversion Kit is Compatible with Toyota Land Cruiser (1990-08-1996)
  5. Pippylongsausage

    First FZJ80, 97 40th Anniversary

    Wow, those wheels look amazing! What color powder coat?
  6. Pippylongsausage

    Wanted: Pics of green FZJ80 with refinished stock rims

    What rear bumper is that?
  7. Pippylongsausage

    I’ve used them several times without issue, but since I’ve had no issues I’ve never had to deal with their customer service so I can’t speak to that. Seems others have had problems but they’ve been fine for me.
  8. Pippylongsausage

    Dmax450! Casper gets a duramax!

    Oh boy, I’m in!
  9. Pippylongsausage

    Builds fzj80 turbo build

    Details please!
  10. Pippylongsausage

    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    Police! Someone stole my truck and put nice sliders on it!
  11. Pippylongsausage

    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    I used some man a fre control arm drop brackets for caster correction and it drives like stock with no vibes. I need an alignment though. I’m planning to get a delta panhard bracket for the rear.
  12. Pippylongsausage

    Any trail rides in N Ga?

    Cool, you should be good to go in the 200. I also looked up Cashes valley rd and it looks like fun, with lots of water crossings.
  13. Pippylongsausage

    Lean much?

    That’s not true for OME lifts. The ds/ps heights are slightly different.
  14. Pippylongsausage

    Official 35" and under!! Post pictures!!

    ome Js with 30mm spacer up front. 315 Toyo open country mts
  15. Pippylongsausage

    Lean much?

    B does indeed go on the drivers side if I’m not mistaken. A goes on the Aussie drivers side, our passenger side.
  16. Pippylongsausage

    For Sale OME 863J springs, also oem springs

    Only the OEM front springs are still available. Shipping within the US is around $50.
  17. Pippylongsausage

    Any trail rides in N Ga?

    Sounds good to me. Should be able to do a day trip on the 15th.
  18. Pippylongsausage

    Builds The official Boost build thread

    Man that sucks. I would have preferred a single stage actually but looks like it’s too late to try to correct.
  19. Pippylongsausage

    2020 Tire Thread

    My friend has the Yokohama G003s and they are the quietest mud tire I’ve ever heard. I have toyo open country mt and they are loud (they’re somewhat worn though). Heard good things about the g003 performance as well. I’ll probably be getting those or the maxxis rzr in the near future.
  20. Pippylongsausage

    Mating up transmission to engine

    Yep, as said above, put the tc on the trans and make sure it’s FULLY seated. I putzed around for an hour scratching my head until finally giving out a good push and thunk, it slid in a few inches. Mated up easy after that.
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