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    Cut and weld or trim and weld?

    Hi I'm looking for some thoughts on the most economical way to address the rear quarter panel rust. Is it more economal to buy the left and right side pre cut quarter panel for 400$ for both just cut and weld in the new rear quarter panels or with the existing ones cut them above the rust and...
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    Do I need a knuckle rebuild and a water pump?

    Hi is this just gunk or both soup? It drives fine from what I can tell. I have been having the noise in the video and today I looked under my car and noticed the metal was wet looks like water doesn't have a smell, does that confirm its a water pump leak? Final question can I drive across the...
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    Need some help figuring out how to mount my Chinese HTT in an ARB 87''X 49'' Roof rack

    Hey Guys and Gals, I have a 49' By 83' Chinese RTT I bought to put on my full basket 87''X 49'' roof rack I bought on impulse today. I don't believe the RTT will sit in the basket because it is also 49'' which is the same as the HTT size. Does anyone have experience with these racks and have an...
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