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  1. magic659

    5L Cylinder head to 3L engine

    The 3L and 5L heads are interchangeable, the 5L should have slightly bigger valves but this doesnt make any noticable difference. The 5LE has a different cam which gives a bit of a power in the higher rev ranges. Make sure you get the head gasket to match your cylinder head as some water ports...
  2. magic659

    A750 tranny diesel - petrol differences

    alright boys, a little update, ive been browsing partsnavigator.com.au for some time now (that site has got all the part numbers of the internals) and heres what ive found: petrol and diesel uses the same oil pump and input shaft they have the same number of clutch and brake disks the only...
  3. magic659

    Turbo choices

    A td04-13 would make good low down torque or a td05-16 would be a good all rounder. Or garret 2052 for low down, 2860 for power. Definetely not a CT, theyre not good turbos.
  4. magic659

    A750 tranny diesel - petrol differences

    Unfortunately EPC doesnt have any info on the internals. I spent my last night there. Or i just wasnt lucky enough to find that :-) Im in australia, i can just pick one up for a diesel from the wreckers but theyre usually $2500+ whereas petrol ones go for $200-1000. Low stalling a torque conv...
  5. magic659

    A750 tranny diesel - petrol differences

    From what i worked out from the spec sheets, the diesel is different part number but doesnt show the internals so im not sure in what way, it could be just different sensors. The oil pump and torque converter assembly appears to be the same which is quite surprising knowing that the diesels...
  6. magic659

    A750 tranny diesel - petrol differences

    I dynoed it last year just after putting it together, it was only running 28psi at the time on the fresh engine. Manual transmission. Made ~460nm at the wheels from 1700rpm with a small decline all the way to the redline with injection timing retarted to max factory setting and EGT not exceeding...
  7. magic659

    A750 tranny diesel - petrol differences

    Hi, Have you got a link to those spec sheets? It only comes up with Suzuki stuff in the search. And yes, thats a compound 3L, it is running a 12mm plunger boost compensated pump and the fuel injectors were opened up as well.
  8. magic659

    Engine Swap Compatibility Questions

    I reckon the L engines all share the same bellhousing pattern but the early Ls - like yours, have different auxiliaries and cylinder head. I wouldnt get a 2LT though, not very good engines, turbo leaks all the time, low boost, high egt, cooking water and the list goes on. A 3L or 5L gives...
  9. magic659

    A750 tranny diesel - petrol differences

    Hi Is there a difference between the diesel and petrol A750s like there is between the earlier transmissions? My understanding is that there are usually more plates in the clutch packs in the higher gears in diesel version, however i cant seem to find any information related to this on the A750...
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