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  1. greenseaman

    GSMTR 2021! Who’s going?

    Who is going to GSMTR this year? I’ll be registering as soon as I find out if the family is going with me!
  2. greenseaman

    1985 4runner lift kit options

    I have an 85 4runner that I have had about 13 years. It has a 2” body lift and possibly a Rancho front lift and 2.5” add a leaf in the rear. I am currently running 33 km2s but may move up to 35s the next time I buy tires if I can fit them. This is my rockcrawler/trail rig and I would like to...
  3. greenseaman

    Say a prayer for us tonight!

    Guys, after a long battle with melanoma, my dad lost his fight this morning. He passed peacefully at the Embrace hospice house. Please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers this Christmas season.
  4. greenseaman

    LCLC GSMTR cabin 2021

    Low Country Land Cruisers have reserved a cabin at Windrock for GSMTR 2021. I was scared everything would be taken so I went ahead and reserved Creekside Retreat. The upstairs queen is already reserved so that leaves 4 beds which will be first come serve. It’ll be $205 per bed and I’ll post a...
  5. greenseaman

    GSMTR 2021 cabin

    Is anyone planning on going to GSMTR in 2021? The dates are 6/13-20. I know it’s early, but most of the cabins are already gone. I was thinking about going Wed - Sun and was wondering if anyone wanted to grab a small cabin before they were all gone! There was only 1 8 person cabin left, but...
  6. greenseaman

    Hello??!! Is there anybody out there?

    Hey guys! I know a lot is going on in the world right now with the Coronavirus pandemic. I haven’t seen any traffic on here in a while and I was wondering how everyone was doing during these crazy times! How is everyone handling things?
  7. greenseaman

    Added a 200 to the herd!

    After finding out that our 1999 100 series with 254,000 miles was gonna need a new steering rack and some more work, I decided to look for a 200 series. Using knowledge that Dbenke had gained while searching for Scott Johnson’s 200, we found a nice one in Scranton, SC only about 45 minutes...
  8. greenseaman

    Merry Christmas!

    I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a Happy New Year! We are all heading down to Orlando tomorrow for a little Disney and Sea World! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel down there with all my family!
  9. greenseaman

    2019 Jeep Jam

    I know that J$&@ is a four letter word on here, but the 2019 Myrtle Beach Jeep Jam is this weekend. They are even allowing the Jeeps to drive on the beach for a little parade. Should be fun!
  10. greenseaman

    Merry Christmas everyone!!

    I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Hope to see everyone soon!
  11. greenseaman

    Any good forest service roads near Gatlinburg?

    We’re taking a minivacay to escape the traffic and flooding in Conway with the family in Gatlinburg till Sunday. We were gonna do a ride through Cade’s cove and the park, while it was raining. Just wondering if there are any good forest service roads for the hundy with light wheeling with...
  12. greenseaman

    Recommendations for solo sightseeing trips in Gatlinburg

    Hey guys! We’re taking a little mini vacay to get away from the flooding in Conway, SC after Florence in Gatlinburg till Sunday. We’ll probably do Dollywood Saturday and Dixie Stampede Friday afternoon. Was thinking about heading to Cade’s cove and the park and ride in the Hundy with the...
  13. greenseaman

    2018 Low Country Land Cruiser Boil

    Anyone have any ideas for the location of the boil? Is June 22-24 still good? It looks like Hunting Island doesn’t have any group sites available and Edisto is booked up. We may be able to get a number of small sites somewhere. Santee has some group sites available for the weekend with a...
  14. greenseaman

    Anyone in Summerville wanna pull some parts from Don’s?

    I saw girraffe’s Post about the 4Runner at Don’s car crushing off 78 in Summerville and I could really use the front seats and inspection cover from the interior of the tailgate! That is if the seats are in good shape! If anyone wants to pull the parts for me I can PayPal some money for the...
  15. greenseaman

    Replacing front rotors- anything else while in there?

    My 1999 100 has 220,000 miles on it and the front rotors are warped. It does have the driveline clunk and greasing the driveshafts does help but it is still there. I don't know anything about the previous owners service history, but should I just get the bearings repacked while doing the front...
  16. greenseaman

    Got my lift and 285s on the Tacoma!

    We got the 3" OME 883/ Dakar lift on my Tacoma at the HAMOM thanks to David's help! I just got it aligned and put on some 285/75r16 BFGoodrich All terrains. The only thing is- two of the tires are old style KOs and two are new KO2s. They all have plenty of tread and the front rub a little on...
  17. greenseaman

    1995 FZJ80 at Case Used Parts

    I past by Case Used Parts the other day and they had a gray 1995 80 on the front row. I don't know anything about it, but their number in Marion is 843-423-4711 if anyone is interested.
  18. greenseaman

    Santee State Park camping back open!

    I just got an email saying that the campsites are back open at Santee, in case anyone is interested!
  19. greenseaman

    Uwharrie article in 4wheeler with Dbenke and others!

    Toyotas Tackle Uwharrie: Crawling With The Olde North State Cruisers This article that gimpey found about Logan's Run has Dbenke, Trollhole, Chris Eby and Will Swartz with some others!
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