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  1. Pskhaat

    OME 862 in stock FJ80?

    Rear springs are original, they don't bear load well at all anymore; a lot of displacement. I have 862s laying around. Free height should be quite close if not just a hair over stock correct? A bit better load rating?
  2. Pskhaat

    2" bolt in receiver for 4 pintle holes?

    Said receiver for just bike rack. I can't find a receiver that matches the specific 4 bolt pattern. (No problem finding my pintle hook). Anyone have a reference?
  3. Pskhaat

    How to slide rear window track bracket back?

    The track bracket that attaches to the window on the rear door, how to slide back into position? The window motor roller falls out because it has migrated forward on the window a couple centimeters. Me gently and then more forcefully hammering it have no effect. On super snug.
  4. Pskhaat

    ARB front bar install: to/through where does it bolt?

    Looking to put an ARB front bar on my 2006. The front-facing frame tabs have been cut off. Would this prevent the bar's installation?
  5. Pskhaat

    Wanted  Denver: Sliders for 1999 j100

    ISO/WTB the unobtainium used sliders for my 99 100. Yes, I know how hard these are by which to come.
  6. Pskhaat

    Yet another subwoofer question :: inline amp for the dual-sub 2Ω in 1999?

    I told my son I would help him install an "external" subwoofer in his 1999. Don't worry he's still a Cruiser kid who likes lifts and being off-road. We took the rear panel off and voila we see TWO 2Ω speakers in the subwoofer assembly. Each sub speaker has two different sets of wires and I...
  7. Pskhaat

    3FE :: Where does this missing VCV(?) line go to the Throttle Body?

    New-to-me FJ80, and I note a missing vacuum line (?) that appears to need to run to the Throttle Body. But I have no idea where on the Thottle Body said line would need to run. Nothing else seems to be disconnected? To where should that open VCV port be connected on throttle body...
  8. Pskhaat

    Looking to wrap (instead of paint) FJ80. Advised to bondo inconsistencies? Yes?

    My FJ80 has the classic aged paint. Clear coat splotching, top coat peeling. I've been getting estimates to both wrap and repaint. Looks like wrapping may end of up being a significant cost saver. I have however been advised to bondo all spots that have the paint problems, sand with 320 and...
  9. Pskhaat

    Oil pressure gauge stopped working. FJ80, where to start?

    Is this a commin/easy problem to fix? Where might I start in troubleshooting? Assume resistance at the sending unit? And...where is the sending unit on the 3FE?
  10. Pskhaat

    Sourcing clutch assembly for an 80?

    I have a project 80. Very much considering swapping in a manual. I'm finding the lc80 clutch pedal assembly, cylinders, et cetera hard to source. Would anyone be able to recommend a possible location to obtain this?
  11. Pskhaat

    Wanted  J60/62 stock/OEM wheels. Denver.

    With hub caps would be amazing!
  12. Pskhaat

    Rearmost exhaust hanger loose; is this original? Did bolts used to hold this down?

    Yeah yeah, well aware of the rust. New-to-me FJ80, as you can see the rear exhaust hanger is no longer connected. Was that rubber piece originally bolted to those (what look to be) captured nuts? How would you fix?
  13. Pskhaat

    Door hinge adjustment or replacement?

    Driver's door is hanging low. Hinges look like they have a bunch of play? Is this a hinge replace? Or just an adjustment? If a replace, does one need to remove fenders and such too?
  14. Pskhaat

    Offset/depth of Speski cargo barrier spacers?

    Putting the speksi back in my 80. I've lost the spacers to install. What is the depth of them?
  15. Pskhaat

    How bad is the shaking side mirror to fix?

    Port outside mirror. I've heard parts ain't available? How to fix?
  16. Pskhaat

    Single DIN OEM radio install into FJ80

    Dead radio, 1991 FJ80. I believe a 92-97 Camry radio fits and plugs right in. Does the same apply to the same years and single-DIN Camry radios? Plug & Play? Something like this: As to the empty slot, is there some recommended empty tray insert that will work?
  17. Pskhaat

    Parts to replace snapped rear OEM mud flap?

    Snapped mine off wheeling. Still want the OEM look for now. Is this the only part needed to replace? 76625-60150 - Genuine Toyota Parts
  18. Pskhaat

    Aussie-style Off-Road Radio Antennas (GMRS & CB & Ham)

    I broke my Diamond antenna years ago not even being off-road, but in a wind storm. Wanted a stronger, Oz-style antenna but one that was tuned specifically for North American UHF GMRS and/or Ham (ITU2-8) frequencies. Now I'm making exactly these :). Rugged, radome-style antennas for North...
  19. Pskhaat

    Wanted  LC100 stock running boards.

    Looking for some for my 1999, in Denver or nearby. Assume all years were the same?
  20. Pskhaat

    Wanted  LC100 (2006) Rear Mud Flaps

    Yup, tore them off last week on a trail. But would like to keep the stock look for now. I know a number of folks have removed theirs. Any you are looking to get rid of?
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