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  1. Joe Link

    For Sale  1FZ-FE Engine and A343 Transmission

    Up for sale is a 1FZ-FE engine and A343 transmission out of my 1996 FZJ80 on November 23rd, 2020 (so they haven't been sitting long). Both have 261,167 miles and worked perfect, with the rig averaging 13-15MPG. The engine did use a little oil between oil changes, which I understand is common for...
  2. Joe Link

    Wanted  Mark's 4WD / Advance Adapters 4L60e to HF2AV (for FZJ80 LS swap)

    I know most people who have one of these sitting in their garage won't want to part with it, but I also know the holidays are coming up and people might need some extra cash, so I figured I'd post this. The adapter I need is the MFK1195AE6 to adapt the 4L60e to the HF2AV.
  3. Joe Link

    What's this junk in my oil pan?

    Dropped the lower pan and found a bunch of junk in the bottom of it. Fortunately I don't see any metal, mostly black or brown plastic bits. The curvature of the two black pieces matches the curvature of the spark plug tube seals. The one that concerns me the most is that long piece in the first...
  4. Joe Link

    Why extend the locker actuator breathers?

    I'm extending the front differential, rear differential, transmission, and transfer case breathers using an ARB kit. I've seen people also extend the locker actuator breathers, but I'm wondering why, considering the factory breathers integrated with the harness seem more than sufficient. I'm not...
  5. Joe Link

    Which bolt goes where?

    In disassembling and going through everything underneath my FZJ80 (axles, drivelines, suspension, steering linkage, brakes), I've been good about grouping parts in ziplocks as I remove them. I have to admit though, sometimes I look at the contents of a bag and I'm still a little confused. For...
  6. Joe Link

    Mixed up left and right birfields - Any way to tell which side is which?

    I'm dumb and didn't realize our solvent tank removed the paint pen marks indicating the left birf and right birf. I was hopping to swap sides. Is there a trick one could use to identify which is which? Obviously they're separated from the axles.
  7. Joe Link

    1996 FZJ80 just listed in Sacramento Pick-N-Pull yesterday (August 5th, 2020)

    I'm constantly looking for 80's in the yards around PDX (with no luck). I noticed this one was added to the Sac yard yesterday, looks to be in pretty good shape. Figured I'd post in case anyone needs parts. https://www.picknpull.com/vehicle_details.aspx?VIN=JT3HJ85J7T0116286
  8. Joe Link

    SOLD  OR: Brand New FJ80/FZJ80 Old Man Emu 3" Heavy "J" Lift (springs and shocks)

    I bought these to "refresh" the same setup on my FZJ80, thinking my current components were worn out. Once I got everything disassembled I found that everything is actually in good shape, so I'm running it and selling these. Boxes were opened to compare with my current stuff but everything is...
  9. Joe Link

    Anyone painted their tie rod, drag link, panhards, links, etc?

    While I have everything apart I'm thinking about adding an accent color under the rig. Nothing crazy, probably just the tie rod and drag link. I searched for photos but nothing came up, though I know I've seen pics here of all of these items painted before. If you've done this I'd like to see...
  10. Joe Link

    Oil leaks - At what point are you better off pulling the motor/trans/tc rather than fixing them in place?

    Like most 80's, the chassis on my 1996 has no lack of external lubrication, been that way for years. Hasn't been a huge deal but recently it got to the point of leaking on the ground, meaning I need to do something about it. I'm also in the process of a complete suspension upgrade and I'd hate...
  11. Joe Link

    Should I "upgrade" from the OME J lift to something else?

    I'm currently in the middle of a bunch of work on my 1996 FZJ80 which includes refreshing the suspension. I purchased the vehicle in 2011 with the OME J lift installed (850J/863J, L shocks, stabilizer, OME caster bushings). I installed 1" poly spacers up front to help with the stinkbug look back...
  12. Joe Link

    Gear shops in/around Portland?

    I've decided to re-gear my FZJ80 to 4:88's while I have my axles apart. I'm waiting on a quote from Six States now, but I'd like to have another option or two in case they come back with an outrageous quote. Any gear shops in PDX you guys recommend? Those who've re-geared in the past couple...
  13. Joe Link

    4.88 or 5.29 gears for my situation?

    Some of you are following my work in this thread. I'm realizing that if I'm going to re-gear, now is the time while I have everything apart. Not sure which ratio to go with and I could really use some advice! - While I'd prefer a rig that can do it all (who doesn't??), I do more overlanding...
  14. Joe Link

    Inexperienced noob about to tear my FZJ80 apart - Any tips to re-emphasize before rebuilding axles, brakes, steering, and suspension?

    I've been ordering parts for the better part of a year now in preparation for the rebuild of the axles, brakes, suspension, and steering on my 1996 FZJ80. It's been an expensive endeavor ($2k+ in just parts!), as all parts are OEM (except the P/S paperclip), but I'm hoping that once this is done...
  15. Joe Link

    Anyone have photos of the Ironman 4x4 drawer system installed?

    Ironman 4x4 is having a sale on their drawer system and at $978 shipped I'm tempted, but I can't find a photo of them installed in an 80 with the fit kit. Here's one posted by @pfran42, but it's just the drawers. https://ironman4x4america.com/locksafe-twin-drawers-1000mm/...
  16. Joe Link

    Need help identifying these parts

    I've purchased so many parts this past year I'm having trouble keeping them straight. These came in various lots I've purchased from other members (no idea if they're OEM or not). Any help identifying them would be appreciated (bonus for OEM part numbers as well)!
  17. Joe Link

    Painting axle/suspension/steering/brake components? Show me your undercarriage!

    In the next two months I'll be taking my 80 down for the rebuild of both axles, all steering and suspension bushings, new shocks and springs, and a new PowerStop brake kit. Some of you guy have beautiful undercarriages, and I'd like to give mine some attention as well while I have everything...
  18. Joe Link

    Anyone have an FZJ80 Rear Axle Bearing Lock Nut Wrench (09509-25011) I can borrow?

    Long shot, but I figured I'd ask. Getting ready to rebuild my rear axle and it's be nice if I could borrow rather than buying or making one :)
  19. Joe Link

    Local Toyota dealership recommendations for parts?

    I'm getting ready to buy a new radiator for my FZJ80. I'm wondering if, after freight, a local parts department might be around the same cost. Do any of the local dealership parts departments come anywhere close to online prices?
  20. Joe Link

    OEM radiator available again?

    After a long trip to Crater Lake this weekend it's looking like I'm in need of a new radiator for my 1996 FZJ80. I'm an OEM purist and I've been reading everything I can find on Koyo vs TYC vs OEM. Most of the threads are several years old and indicate that OEM radiators are no longer available...
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