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    How many feet of wire to replace battery/starter cables and grounds

    I am going to makeup some new 2 gauge cables for the Battery -> Alternator, Starter, and all the grounds. Does anyone know how much cable I should buy? 10 ft of Red & Black? I do not have other high draw electrical projects at the moment so I really just want to get sufficient wire. I am...
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    Hard "downshifting" when hot H55

    I have a puzzling issue with my H55 that started rather recently. When the transmission is relatively cold it shifts up and down through all the gears fine. When it gets hot (ie after driving on the freeway in 5th) it does not want to down shift to lower gears. Sometimes the gears will grind...
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    A/C Running Temps?

    I searched but... Per the saga on my other thread, I have done the top end, manifold, and gone through the whole cooling system on my cruiser. I finally have it running 190o ish under normal driving conditions without the A/C on. I took the rig over memorial day for a real shakedown run from...
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    Carburator / Manifold / Head Removal

    I am going through the pain yet again of pulling apart my engine due to mysterious overheating problems. Symptoms are that at idle the temp stays at 180-190o. On the highway, the vehicle overheats and the temp climbs to 220o (not good). The following has already been done: new radiator, new...
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    Rebuild transfer case on truck

    I have searched around quite a bit and cannot find a really straight answer. How bad is a tcase rebuild on the truck without dropping the transmission? I have a pretty good leak between the H55 and the transfer case. I am trying to decide whether to farm this out or tackle it myself. Does...
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    J Pipe Ferrule

    I read a few threads about this. I am in the process of replacing my head and have everything apart. The J Pipe (stock) is still rust free and intact. Where the pipe goes into the cooler, however, is loose and I can easily pull the pipe in and out. Is this something for concern? Should I...
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    Overheating or not

    I have been chasing an odd temp guage issue that I have not been able to resolve. When driving on the road, the temp climbs to almost the red. I had the cooling system pressure tested, no leaks, and a heat gun shows the thermostat housing temp right at 180 when the guage shows hot. I scanned...
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    Help - Relay Rod TRE Popped Out

    So I took my truck to get an alignment, and when the tech was adjusting the relay rod, he twisted it enough that the "ball" in the TRE closest to the tire popped out of the TRE. I guess the tech was trying to press it back together but it would not stick. Question - Can the adjustment screw...
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    Bay Area to Cruise Moab?

    Anyone headed from the Bay Area to Cruise Moab? I am planning on heading out on Sat or Sun (28th/29th) - stop in Vegas as a midpoint and then head to Moab for some early trail runs or stop through some of our national parks in the area. If there are others headed out I would love to join the...
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    King of the Hammers + Wheeling

    I am headed out to King of the Hammers in Johnson Valley for the main event on Feb 10. I was looking to hook up with some fellow mudders for some wheeling afterwards. I would really like to drive the Mojave road or a piece of it, but am not opposed to doing something else like Anza Borrego or...
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    Lockers? The Death Valley Debate

    I went to Death Valley for my annual trip between X-Mas and New Year :D. We decided to run one of my favorite trails to get into Death Valley which goes from Ballarat -> Goler Wash -> Mengel Pass -> Warm Springs Rd. We have run this trail before, but this year the waterfall at the entrance to...
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    "Jumpy" Tachometer

    I have a strange issue with the Tachometer in my rig. I have searched but could not find a similar issue. It works fine most of the time, but will at times, suddenly die and go all the way to 0 even when the truck is running. It will stay that way for a while and then start functioning...
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    H55F - One of the best Mods Ever!

    Just got my rig back from Gary at Mudrack with a new H55F. My cruiser is an '83 so it needed the full retrofit which included - Driveshafts, Rebuilt TCase (from a 62), and new shifters and linkage. I had previously upgraded to OME lift, .411 Gears, and 33" tires and the new tranny completes...
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    For Sale  FREE - USED 235 75R15 Michelin Tires

    I upgraded to 33's on my landcruiser and have had these tires sitting in the garage. They still have good tread on them and are very usable. Free to the first person who wants to pick them up in San Leandro, CA (Near Oakland). PM Me for details. Luis
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    Wanted  4.11 Third FJ62 / FJ80

    I am looking for 1 complete third member from an FJ62 or FJ80 that is in good shape (wear wise) and has good backlash. I am located in the SF Bay Area. Luis
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    Broken Front Diff???

    I twisted up my front drive shaft in Death Valley coming down south park canyon, just before 'chicken rock'. I somehow made it out in 2wd and was able to get home back to the bay area. I pulled my front shaft out and sent it to the shop to get rebuild. The funny thing is that my front diff is...
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    Pics of your FJ60 Sliders

    I finally got my cruzer back from Gary at Mudrack... 1. Rebuilt Smog Pump that had grenaded 2. Ome Lift :bounce: 3. 4.11 Gears (thank you lagwagon for selling me the diffs) I plan on going to 33" tires but am still running the stock 235/75R15 tires. The vehicle is pretty high now and once...
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    For Sale  2 Third Members 3.73 Gears from a 1983 FJ60

    I just pulled the third members with stock 3.7 gears from my '83 FJ60 with 137,000 miles. Both are in good condition, with proper backlash, and the seals were not leaking when they were pulled. The best offer by next wed 12/23 takes the pair. They are located in the SF Bay Area (east bay). I...
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    Wanted  2 Third members with 4.11

    I am looking for 2 third members with 4.11 for my FJ60. 62 thirds would be fine. I am located in the SF Bay area northern CA. Luis
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    Carb Fan Finally Works

    After probably what amounts to a couple of days of time troublleshooting the carb fan, changing out the timer, testing the fan, etc.... I finally have it fixed. It turns out, the PO removed the relay that controls the fan that sits under the dash with all the other relays. I finally figured it...
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