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    Land Cruiser spotting

    I see a white 60 series on my way to & from work from time to time, usually going through Brewster on 97. Is that anybody here?
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    parts washing

    Anybody know of a place where I can clean some parts (3FE cylinder head & misc EFI parts)? I don't have the $$ or space to buy a parts washer at the moment. I'd also prefer not to ship/drive to Spokane/Seattle. I could pay a machine shop to do all of it, but I was hoping for a more budget...
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    SOLD  Silverdale, WA - 4x FJ60 OEM wheels with 31x10.5x15 BFGs

    For sale is a set of 4 FJ60 OEM wheels with tires. The tires have been holding air, but they should be replaced. $160 picked up in Silverdale, WA or Chelan, WA. Post up any questions you have or PM me your email to discuss further.
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    Wanted  FJ62 fuel pump bracket

    Like the title says, I need the bracket that holds the fuel pump for a 1988-1990 Land Cruiser. Should be part-number 23206-61010 if that makes a difference.
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    SOLD  DELETE- NLA 3FE bottom end with A440F

    Located in Redding, CA. If you want it shipped, you pay shipping. 3FE bottom end & A440F trans Bores look good with crosshatching. I don't know mileage, but it came out of @TRAIL TAILOR 's FJ62 donor rig. Probably should have done a compression or leak-down test before pulling it apart, but...
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    Help! 2F Desmog not starting

    Halp! I just *attemted to* desmog my truck per with the exception of using just plate to block off egr. I recurved the distributor per The Rushing Turdle post #154. I am not very carb saavy. I tried the normal...
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    SOLD  Engine Crane w/leveler-Bremerton, WA

    I have an older engine crane/cherry picker w/hydraulic ram & leveler assembly. It's a "Murphy" model. It doesn't fold. The arm will extend, but decreases the lifting capacity, the minimum capacity it says is 500lbs. The 3 ton hydraulic ram uses a floor jack operating rod (or rebar & pliers or...
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    For Sale  1987 2F Smog equipment- Bremerton, WA

    I have all of the smog equipment I pulled off my FJ60 except the air pump ready to go to someone who needs it. I pulled it because the air injection rail & check valve had rusted through and ain't nobody got time fo dat! I'm sure this stuff could be useful to someone who registers their vehicle...
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    SOLD  Set of 4 FJ Cruiser Steel wheels - Bremerton, WA

    I have a set of 4 steel wheels off my wife's FJ Cruiser. They are in good condition. 17x7.5 I don't know the offset/BS. I took them off to put alloy wheels on. Pics: I can take more pictures on request. I will MUDship or ship at buyer's expense. $100
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    wiper motor wire identification

    I have been trying to figure out why my wipers aren't turning off, and I think I might have found the culprit. There are 2 wires that look like ground wires on my wiper motor mount plate. The one that is supposed to go through the firewall is stripped/cut/dangling now. Does anybody know where...
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    MUDShip  Sacramento area to Seattle area

    I am trying to purchase some used springs, hangers, and shackles and need to get them from the Sacramento area to the Seattle area. Anybody making the trip soon?
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