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  1. WarTruck

    For Sale  Toyota hitch plug and CDL Switch for late 80-Series

    I no longer have my 80: $40 shipped for the switch $10 shipped for the hitch plug $45 shipped for both! PM me, please.
  2. WarTruck

    For Sale  Front Mud Flaps - Brand New - 80 Series

    1 pair of brand new factory Toyota front mud flaps for an 80 Series Land Cruiser Unpainted, brand new in factory plastic, never installed $71 each at Cruiser Parts $125 for the pair from me Located in Raleigh, NC
  3. WarTruck

    For Sale  For Sale - 1996 Lexus LX450

    Sold this morning. Happy trails to the new owner! Thanks IH8MUD, and thanks for the interest.
  4. WarTruck

    Upgrading diff gears - install cost

    Other than the parts, what does an install for upgraded front and rear diff gears (such as 4.88's) cost, typically, at a shop?
  5. WarTruck

    Front/Rear Lockers only work if moving forward slowly...

    The factory front/rear lockers on my '96 LX450 only seem to work if I'm moving forward slowly, over uneven ground - helps align the teeth, I'm sure. My question is, should they lock up when I'm sitting at a standstill? Or should they require some movement? I have used lockers in other trucks...
  6. WarTruck

    Stock Tire Size / 32's Thread

    Is there a stock tire size / 32's thread? I know there's a 33's thread. And a 35's thread. Thought maybe there's a thread somewhere for people with basically stock 80's...?
  7. WarTruck

    FZJ80 Front Axle Service

    So, now that I have an 80, I'm selling the truck I used to drive every day. A guy locally offered to buy my old truck for near my asking price, plus $1000 credit at his shop... a big off-road truck service shop in town. My 80 has 176k miles on it. I have record of the front end being rebuilt...
  8. WarTruck

    Template for Rear Cargo Area Platform

    Looking to build a rear cargo area platform for my 80. So many have built them, some really great ones, that I was hoping someone had a simple template they would be willing to share - rather than having to figure one out by trial and error. Thanks!
  9. WarTruck

    Removing Factory Tow Hitch

    Has anyone removed their factory tow hitch? If so, is there a DIY somewhere or some tips posted on how to pull it? Thanks very much!
  10. WarTruck

    OME 2" Lift - Bilstein's Ok?

    Potentially looking to add an OME 2" spring lift to a basically stock 80. It currently has almost-new yellow Bilstein shocks installed. Are these yellow Bilstein's Ok for the OME 2" lift? Or do I need to buy the OME shocks as well?
  11. WarTruck

    Help w/ tire choice, please!

    I am trying to decide between 265/75's and 285/75's on stock wheels. Not going to be rock crawling, it'll be an expedition/camping/hunting truck. Truck has brand new factory LC springs, brand new Bilstein's, no running boards and no factory US tow hitch. Spare tire lift done at factory US...
  12. WarTruck

    LC's in Raleigh - who's here?

    Bringing a new-to-me stock '96 FZJ80 to Raleigh. Who else is here? Are there many LC's here in the area? Any meets, etc? Thanks!
  13. WarTruck

    Need to move a Landcruiser from San Francisco to North Carolina

    I have gotten quotes online but just came across this forum here. I'd rather do it through a MUD member, for sure! Please shoot me a PM if you can help. Thanks!
  14. WarTruck

    Changing head unit + speakers...!

    If I change the stock factory head unit out for an aftermarket one, how do I determine what the correct specs are for new aftermarket speakers, such as impedance, power, etc? As I understand, when you stay with the factory head unit, you have to find aftermarket speakers that have the same...
  15. WarTruck

    Looking at an 80 - Would like some comments!

    Any thoughts on this potential purchase, from you guys who know all about these trucks? '97 LX450 with 200k. $5350. And it's local. It has a cheap repaint due to fading clearcoat, as I have seen on a number of others. Not really concerned much with that. I might even paint it again myself...
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