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  1. bubfuji

    For Sale  Front motor mounts FJ60 1981-1987 NEW Toyota OEM PN: 12361-61020

    Toyota FJ60 Land Cruiser Front Motor/Engine Mounts or Insulators PN: 12361-61020 (NEW) Brand New/Never Installed Toyota OEM Front Motor mounts for the FJ60 1981-1987 $180.00 Plus Shipping Now $150.00 and free shipping. No tax and free shipping. New Toyota OEM Mounts for $75.00 each................
  2. bubfuji

    FJ62 Smog related air injection check valve.

    Hello, The Toyota OEM air injection check valve on my FJ62 came apart. The physical check valve components separated inside the valve body, the rivet holding things together plugged one of the air feed tubes into the cylinder head. This part as many others is no longer available new from Toyota...
  3. bubfuji

    Wanted  FJ62 Air Injection Rail

    Hello, I'm looking for the air injection rail on the FJ62 or early FJ80. I see many folks have de-smog'd their rigs. Hoping someone has their FJ62 air injection rail laying around to sell.
  4. bubfuji

    For Sale  FJ62 Fuel Injectors (Toyota PN 23250-61010)

    I have a set of 6 Fuel injectors for the FJ62 (3FE Engine) or FJ80 with the 3FE . $60.00 for the set plus shipping. The injectors were cleaned and balanced by RC Engineering in Torrance, CA back in 2003 and then never installed. They are still in the plastic from RC Engineering. Toyota PN...
  5. bubfuji

    FJ80, FZJ80, LX450, LX470 Front seat sagging (loose) netting pocket repair

    Simple FZJ80 seat back pocket repair: Like most Cruiser heads, I try to keep my 97’ FZJ80 running and looking good. Recently, I decided to tackle the sagging front seat back netting or pocket. The elastic cord that gives the netting its shape had seen better days. With my rig, it was kids and...
  6. bubfuji

    For Sale  Craftsman Tool kits

    Selling craftsman tool kit. Never been used. $40.00 $35.00 plus $14.35 shipping.
  7. bubfuji

    For Sale  3FE, FJ62 FJ80 polished intake pipe

    Hello, I have a polished aluminum intake pipe for the FJ62 or FJ80. Never been installed. The company the produced this intake pipe doesn't seem to be in business anymore. Asking $100.00 plus whatever shipping. Please PM me
  8. bubfuji

    SOLD  Differential install/overhaul kit (Koyo bearing)

    Hello, Selling a new diff install/overhaul kit for 1990 or older Land Cruisers. Part number is ZK-TLC-A from USA Standard Gear. Has Koyo Bearings, shims, crush sleeve, etc Asking $100.00 + shipping via Paypal (friends and family) Located is San Jose, CA Please PM if interested.
  9. bubfuji

    SOLD  FJ60, FJ62 windshield seal, gasket

    FJ60/62 windshield gasket, seal Toyota factory part. Never installed. $50.00 +whatever shipping Please PM if interested
  10. bubfuji

    For Sale  FJ62 Transfer Case lever

    Selling this T-Case Lever from an FJ62 Sleeved brass bushings added to the shift points no rubber bushings needed, works really well $60.00 + whatever shipping Please PM
  11. bubfuji

    SOLD  1.5" 6x5.5 Wheel spacers 6160 Aluminmum

    I have 2 1.5" wheel spacers (Briefly used). $30.00 + whatever shipping costs
  12. bubfuji

    For Sale  Center Diff Lock Switch CDL 95-97 FZJ80/LX450

    I have 4 CDL switches left. I thought I had takers they are available. These are reworked hazard switches. That came out really nice. Cleaned, Tested on my FZJ80, New back-light bulb. Plug and play. Asking $35.00 each includes the cost of shipping. Please PM if interested. Photo...
  13. bubfuji

    For Sale  1995 4Runner/T110 Brake Caliper/Rotor

    I have 1 front right (passenger) Brake caliper for a 1995 T100 or 1995 4Runner. The Caliper Casting is S13WB. This is also the caliper used for brake upgrades on the FJ60/62 cruisers. Caliper was Sand blasted, rebuilt, and painted I also have 1 T100 front rotor new. $45.00 for both pick up...
  14. bubfuji

    For Sale  Center Diff Lock button FZJ80 95-97

    I have 5 more center diff lock switches that I made from the Tercel, 4Runner, Cruiser Hazard switches. I guess I went crazy in the junk yard.... These switches were disassembled cleaned and re-greased, and tested in my 1997 FZJ80. The Toyota center diff lock image has been added. The switch...
  15. bubfuji

    For Sale  Toyota Mini Truck AISIN Locking hubs 86-95

    I have 2 AISIN Locking hubs for a toyota mini truck with IFS years 86-95. Will not fit the FJ60/FJ62 Cruisers. Both hubs have been rebuilt (Cleaned, greased, etc) The Silver faced Hub is near perfect and in great shape, and locks/unlocks well. The Black faced Hub had some serious rust damage...
  16. bubfuji

    For Sale  FJ62 Hella H4 and H1 Head lights

    Hello, I have 2 H4 and 2 H1 Hella head light assemblies from my Fj62 for sale. Asking $100.00 OBO for the set plus shipping 2 H4 driving lights 2 H1 highbeam lights 4 lights total There are light bulbs in the lights as well.
  17. bubfuji

    Wanted  LSPV FJ60 or FJ62

    Looking for a working functioning LSPV for fj60 or Fj62 Eric Keil
  18. bubfuji

    For Sale  1990 Forerunner Brake Calipers (FJ60/FJ62 brake upgrade)

    I recently changed my FJ62 to the tundra caliper and rotor setup. So I have a set of front 1990 Toyota Forerunner calipers that I took off of my FJ62. These calipers have the 4 large pistons verses the FJ/60/FJ62 calipers with the 2 small/2 large piston set up. These have only been used for...
  19. bubfuji

    For Sale  Marks4WD splitcase gear set 1.00/2.81

    I have the Marks4WD split case/tcase gear set. New in the box, never installed. Asking $800.00 OBO + any shipping charges. Local pickup may be available depending on where you live. This gear set is for the 38mm idler shaft. From the Marks4WD website: Toyota LandCruiser Low Range Gear Sets -...
  20. bubfuji

    3FE Ceramic coated tuned headers

    I have a set of 3FE ceramic coated tuned headers for sale $250.00 +shipping. These are perfect for anyone running a 5sp transmission or other engine mods (cam, porting, freeflowing exhaust). These will attach directly to you stock exhaust system. Adding these headers to an otherwise stock...
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