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  1. bigpermPDX

    For Sale Seires 100 running boards

    Sounds good Madras Diesel let me figure out how to package these to be shipped out. Can you send me your email?
  2. bigpermPDX

    For Sale  Seires 100 running boards

    Selling my running boards off my Series 100 (2000 white Land Cruiser). Would love to get $100 for them. Have the brackets and they look new. Make an offer and I'll get a shipping quote.
  3. bigpermPDX

    Roof Rack Land Cruiser 100 series OEM

    I just upgraded my roof rack on my 2000 Land Cruiser with an amazing rack from Lab Rack. I am selling the OEM rack that came off the Land Cruiser. It is in good shape for being 14 years old with the typical paint chipping that you can see in the pictures. I have all the parts. You will have to...
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