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  1. 73fj40lc

    MAF lift shackles

    I am planning to get a set of the Man-A-Fre Greasable HD Anti-Inversion Shackles. I currently have a 4 inch Skyjacker lift kit on my 40 and I am running 35x10.50R-16LT SSR Radial Tire by Super Swamper on TRD Trail Team wheels. I have alot of wieght on the rear of my 40 and was looking for for a...
  2. 73fj40lc

    Southbostonfj soft top bows

    Well since it looks like the Pilgram soft top bows package deal fell through I thought that some of you would be interested. Alex has 15 sets of soft top bows coming in for $600 plus shipping. He has them listed in the parts for sale section on Mud. Usually you have to buy a top and bows from...
  3. 73fj40lc

    73 diff into a 40 ff rear axle

    I am looking at installing a 40 rear ff axle into my 73 FJ40. I have read the faq section and nothing is mentioned on if I can use my 73 semi float diff into the ff rear axle. My goal is to have OEM disk brakes on a ff rear axle with a locker. I have looked at doing the 80 series rear axle swap...
  4. 73fj40lc

    Suggestions on painting repro bezel

    I need suggestions on painting my new repro bezel from southbostonfj. Currently the 40 is painted white with everything else being black. Rims, both bumpers, interior and external storage box are all black. I do plan on going to tan interior and a tan or brown OEM style soft top. I am going to...
  5. 73fj40lc

    Greasable 5/8 spring pins

    Anybody out there has a source for good quality Greasable 5/8 spring bolts? I have priced OME at $18 a pin and that is way too much $$$ for my taste. I have priced JTO and CCOT but not convinced on their quality. I guess my real question is does anybody have experience with quality bolts that...
  6. 73fj40lc

    For sale 2 Jackman rims

    These 2 Jackman Rims are for sale and came off an old paerts FJ40.
  7. 73fj40lc

    Sparks Toyota Outstanding Customer Service

    I have copied below, text from an E-Mail that my brother sent to the Florence Toyota dealership. They have completely lost my entire family's business over this incident and some in the past. Their Customer Service is horrable and they don't want to fix anything that is under warranty.:mad...
  8. 73fj40lc

    For Sale  Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ Radial tires 265/70/17for sale

    My brother has 4 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ radials 265/70/17 for sale off his Tacoma Sport for $500. The only reason I am not getting them is that they are for a 17" rim and I have 16" rims on my Z71 and FJ40. The tires have 8000 miles on them and they were rotated at 5000 miles. They were $220...
  9. 73fj40lc

    How to shut up a Heep owner

    I have a friend that is a proud owner of a nice TJ. He was bragging the other day about his Jeep and what his Jeep club does. I let him go on about it and I enjoyed the conversation. I don't have any malace for Jeeps. I don't want one, but to each his own. As the conversation progressed it...
  10. 73fj40lc

    Swaping knuckles on a 73 AXLE

    I have read the threads on this but I don't have a definant answer. I have a 73 front axle on my 40 that I am going to do a LC knuckle swap on. I have a 76 axle on my parts cruiser. I am going to re-built the 73 axle and add longfields but what would be a better choice knuckles from a 62 axle or...
  11. 73fj40lc

    M101 CDN in Tennessee

    Military Trailer M101 Canadian Somebody please jump on this offer. This is almost half of what I payed for my M101. If I had the money I would buy it for a spare then sell it later for a profit. Seems to be in great shape, but even it has problems at that price it is still worth it.
  12. 73fj40lc

    Fast WD40 tire fix

    I am sure that alot of you already know about this quick tire fix. This link is for the ones that don't. This is for when you have your tires aired down and it loses seal with the rim. Be careful with the amount of WD40. You don't need alot to reseal the tire to the rim. Afterwards just air up...
  13. 73fj40lc

    Anybody have a source for the Canadian M101 CDN trailers?

    I am in South Carolina and have been trying to find a place to get my hands on a M101. Does anybody have a source in the Southeast or East Coast? The only trailers that I have been able to find is really rough m416's that aren't worth the money. I would rather have a M101 anyway. Any help would...
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