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  1. gilmorneau

    Removable Top 80-series

    No idea where to post this, but it's kind of interesting. Just showed up for sale in Hamburg, Germany. Might not be something I would choose to do, but looks like decent quality work.
  2. gilmorneau

    BaT  CO: 1987 BJ75 Troop Carrier with 59k orig. miles.

    I've had a blast owning this truck, and will be sad to see it go, but I have found another Landcruiser that I simply must have. Many of you already know this truck, I've documented my time with it here: You'll find...
  3. gilmorneau

    For Sale  France 1988 BJ73 153k miles, original paint and graphics

    Not mine, no affiliation, etc. etc. Just saw this one on Leboncoin. 1988 BJ73, so mid-wheelbase, 3B naturally aspirated diesel, H55 5-speed. Still has the original decals/graphics on the side, which usually means original paint. I'd expect to find some rust around the windshield frame and...
  4. gilmorneau

    For Sale  France 1994 HZJ75 Troopy 168k miles, F + R Locking differentials

    Not mine, no affiliation with the seller, I just spotted the advert. Over 25 years old, so completely legal to import. 1994 HZJ75 Troopy with 270,000km on it. Big bonus points for the front and rear locking diffs. Looks like a nice original one, not too messed up or modified. The bumpers...
  5. gilmorneau

    SOLD  [CO] Used Set of 4 OEM Toyota Alloy wheels for 70-series 16x6, zero offset

    Set of 4 used OEM Toyota alloy wheels from a JDM Prado. 16"x 6", zero offset, so they'll fit perfectly on any 6-lug 70-series. Work great with 235/85-R16 tires, but of course you can fit whatever you please. Some paint and finish wear, but no curb rash; none bent or cracked. Would be very...
  6. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Hj75 Troopy Rear Bumper Halves Used--cheap

    Rear bumper halves off an old HJ75 Troopy. Not perfect, but would clean up OK with a little effort. Free if you come pick them up in Boulder, CO. $20 for my trouble if I need to box them for shipment (you'd pay shipping, too). PM if interested.
  7. gilmorneau

    SOLD  NOS Cable for Rear Locking Differential BJ75, HJ75 and others

    Kind of a long shot to find someone who needs this, but here goes anyway. This is the cable for actuating the rear differential lock on vehicles so equipped. I had originally planned on swapping locking diffs from a short wheelbase BJ71 into my Troopy, but I'm never going to get around to it...
  8. gilmorneau

    For Sale  France LHD 1994 HZJ75 Pickup with only 104,000km (65k miles)

    You can go months without seeing one like this, now suddenly there's two available in France. This one's even lower miles than the other one I put up the other day. Same deal: not mine, no affiliation. I just know there's always guys looking for these pickups and there are usually damn few...
  9. gilmorneau

    For Sale  France 1995 LHD HZJ75 Pickup, 200,000km (~125k miles)

    Just found this one on Leboncoin in France. 1995 HZJ75 pickup, doesn't look too badly beat or molested. 1HZ diesel, 5 speed, no a/c. Not mine, no affiliation, nothing in it for me. Over 25 so completely legal to import. Compares favorably to some other trucks for sale currently. Selling...
  10. gilmorneau

    Information Re: Importing to the USA

    I’ve imported several Landcruisers from overseas in the last few years, and thought I’d share some of what I’ve learned about the process—where to find cars, how to get them shipped, how to get them through US Customs, what everything costs, how long it takes, who can help, what’s legal and...
  11. gilmorneau

    For Sale  France 1993 HZJ75 Troopy

    Not mine, no affiliation, etc, etc. 1993 HZJ75 Troop Carrier, looks to be in not-too-bad condition. Not many 1HZ Troopies show up for sale in Europe that are old enough to legally import to the USA. This one's probably worth a look. If you're seriously interested, PM me--I know a guy in...
  12. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Holland 1986 Diesel HJ60 with Swing-Out Rear Doors

    Perusing European websites and just saw this. No affiliation, not mine, and I can't vouch for the car or seller, but it looks like an interesting truck. 1986 HJ60. Asking price is 15,500 Euro, or about US$18,660-ish. Ad says it has 35,000km's on it, which is probably a misprint--I've seen...
  13. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Netherlands, 1986 Troopy with 44694 original km's

    Not mine, no affiliation, just an interesting truck. They don't show up often with such low mileage. This one's got a 3B n/a diesel + 5-speed. The ad is here...
  14. gilmorneau

    SOLD  CO 1995 LHD HDJ80 Diesel 5-speed, A/C, lockers

    Here's a left-hand drive HDJ80 I bought in Europe before COVID hit. Has the 24 valve 1HD-FT diesel, H151 5-speed manual transmission, front and rear electronic locking differentials, and Air Conditioning. About 226k miles on it. Needs some lovin' to get it optimized, or you could just buy it...
  15. gilmorneau

    Who’s the lucky bast**d?

    Just got these pics from my spy at the port. Is the owner of these two trucks just in from Saudi Arabia on this forum?
  16. gilmorneau

    For Sale  Denmark 1989 BJ75 pickup/emergency vehicle, cable lockers, 19,000 orig. miles

    These show up once in a while, and here's another one. 1989 so should have a 3BII motor. H55 5-speed. Has cable lockers F & R. Only 31,000km on the odometer. No affiliation, etc., just think it's an interesting truck. Completely legal to import to the USA, and not difficult to do if you're...
  17. gilmorneau

    Builds  Extremely Unhurried BJ75 Build Diary

    Well, I've had this car for a couple of years now, and haven't really posted much about what I've done or what I have planned, so I figured I'd start a thread. It will be a lot of getting caught up for now--build comes later. I first found this one when I was traveling in Europe a few years...
  18. gilmorneau

    SOLD  NOS OEM Spare Tire Carrier Bracket for 70-series

    Should fit any 70-series rear door. This one's brand new, as pictured. $100 + shipping.
  19. gilmorneau

    SOLD  Troop Carrier forward-facing rear bench seat

    Forward-facing rear bench seat for a Troop Carrier. Gray. Came out of a BJ75, but I think they're all the same. Pretty nice condition, see photos. Complete with seat belts and most (if not all) mounting hardware. I'm never going to use this (I have the side facing rear seats), so I thought...
  20. gilmorneau

    Wanted  Colorado: Front bumper for 1994 80-series

    Like the title says. Looking for a front bumper for an 80-series. Prefer to pickup in person somewhere in the Colorado front range area.
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