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  1. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    I forgot to post this when I slapped some studded boots on her in the beginning of February- I mounted a set of Nokian Hakkapelitta 9 rubber in 265/65 to get me across the pass every day. Wow- what a combination. This thing could only be topped by a tracked vehicle. We received record snowfall...
  2. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    Yeah, living here has definitely recalibrated my opinion of what constitutes bad weather :D It's not terribly unusual to tread through a foot of fresh snow every morning on the way out to the garage. The hilarious part is that the schools are rarely late and almost never cancelled- their bus...
  3. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    Yup, I love the color- understated but great depth. The pearl in it makes it look like different colors in different light.
  4. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    You'll like life at the pass- you'll need some heavy equipment to move snow in the winter (I've got both a tractor and a hefty snowblower). Your vehicle choices are not going to let you down up there, for certain. Keep food and emergency supplies in all your rigs in case avalanche closes the...
  5. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    Installed the Deauto HID 6000K low beams tonight. Also installed the Techmax Mini LED bulbs- 6500K for the high beam. I like this combination- I've been running it for a while in my Mazda 6 and it seems like a real winner. No glare, a well focused hot spot and surface-of-the-sun...
  6. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    It all pencils out- the cost of living out in the hinterlands is so significantly lower that the cost of fuel, maintenance, and throwing away a car every 6-7 years still lands me on the positive side of the ledger. I figured out the total cost per mile when calculating my commute and what car to...
  7. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    Popped the CEL and all the traction control warning lights last night while over two hours from home with the family. I pulled the code and it was PO456 which is likely just a loose gas cap- no biggie. What I found weird was that a warning for a minor evaporative system leak would trigger a...
  8. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    It's good work, but living way out by a mountain town was more about a quality of life issue for my family. And you won't find good paying work where I'm living, so I end up commuting 47,000 miles a year. It's a trade-off I'm willing to make, and my only regret is that I waited so long to...
  9. Polar Bear

    Builds Polar Bear's GX build thread

    Yup, that's the one. It's pretty easy with only basic tools. Took me twenty minutes and I was in no rush.
  10. Polar Bear

    Builds  Polar Bear's GX build thread

    As a recovering 80 series addict, I've stepped over to the dark side and picked up an '06 GX 470 for my winter commuting duties. I've got a beastie 190 mile round trip across Snoqualmie Pass five days a week- and during the winter they require chains half the time- so a solid snow rig is a must...
  11. Polar Bear

    TPMS disarm

    Mud is the best. This saved me a couple of C notes from chasing bad sensors. Works like a charm!
  12. Polar Bear

    LED headlight bulb issues

    I love the light output of the LED's but my only beef with them is the cooler operating temperature in the headlight housing. I drive through blizzard conditions on a regular basis during the winter and the lenses don't get warm enough to melt any snow that sticks to them. This results in...
  13. Polar Bear

    GX Map

    Picked up an '06 GX a couple of days ago. Longtime 80 series junkie, made the jump to the 120. Pinned in Cle Elum, WA
  14. Polar Bear

    Builds FastLane1000 Black GX Build Thread

    New GX470 owner, but longtime 80 series junkie. Picked up an '06 GX470 yesterday just in time for an ice storm early this morning. It's got that LC DNA to be certain. For anyone who is interested: no nav, 163K miles and bone stock. I picked up all the fluids and filters today to begin the...
  15. Polar Bear

    Diesel Transplanted 80 series Registry

    Another less appealing option is the GM 6.5 diesel- it falls within the same "wagon" class as the 80. Personally, I'd lean towards the Merc motor if all the emissions systems can be carried over from donor.
  16. Polar Bear

    FJ60+62+(Z)80+ v8

    Good call on the PPE. I worked with commercial painters for a few years- everyone was prematurely bald, and most of the old guys had the signature shakes and spasms. High price to pay just to earn a living. Suit up, it's just a temporary inconvenience versus a lifetime one.
  17. Polar Bear

    F(Z)J80 v8

  18. Polar Bear

    F(Z)J80 v8

    Just got the latest edition of 4WD Toyota Owners magazine and they featured a guy who went your route(62/80/axle upgrade ) and called it Project Lego, however he pulled the 4.0 and stuck the 4.5 in instead. If you're going to that much trouble, might as well stick a small block IMO. Check it...
  19. Polar Bear

    engine hesitation, stutter light loading

    If I had to do it all over again, I'd start with hot tanking the throttle body and blowing out all the passageways.
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