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  1. MN77FJ40

    Wheels for the FJ?

    Hello, I want to purchase new steel wheels for my '77 FJ40. I was looking at US Wheel 15x8's - White and called them to assure I would have a good fit. They told me they wouldn't fit because they will interfere with my calipers on the front. QUESTION: Which wheels (company) will work for...
  2. MN77FJ40

    2F serial number info...

    FJ40241763 77 FJ40 Engine..l. I looked at the panel next to the starter and it looks like at one time there was a decal there because the engine is not stamped. Decal in worn off except at couple corners. Mike
  3. MN77FJ40

    Carburetor Rebuild Company

  4. MN77FJ40

    Carburetor Rebuild Company

    You rebuild? How do I contact you?
  5. MN77FJ40

    Carburetor Rebuild Company

    Hi All, I recently rebuilt my FJ carburetor (mostly gaskets etc.) and found my secondary butterfly sticks. I am wondering if anybody can suggest a reputable company that can rebuild my carburetor for my 77 FJ40? Thanks in Advance Mike MN77FJ40
  6. MN77FJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Fuel Tank and Cover - NorCal

    You are welcome to call me anytime Thursday. I am in MN so, Central time. Usually out during from 11:30-1:00 PM CST but anytime before or after is fine. Thanks, Mike
  7. MN77FJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Fuel Tank and Cover - NorCal

    I do not need the cover, would you consider $200. If I could reach you, I would like to speak with you about it and arrange how I might take care of purchasing it. Paypal works for me. Mike Gottsacker 952.451.8100
  8. MN77FJ40

    For Sale FJ40 Fuel Tank and Cover - NorCal

    I have a '77 will that fit in mine? I am interested..
  9. MN77FJ40

    Body Mount Kits

    Hello all, I am doing a resto on my "77 FJ40. I am replacing to the body mount bolts. I have prices for mount kits from $120-$300. Does anyone have experience with these? I have looked at SOR and Cool Cruisers. What should I look for? I would appreciate any guidance you can offer. I...
  10. MN77FJ40

    PPG color code for '77 FJ40

    I have a '77 FJ40, Sky Blue, anoyone know the correct PPG color code that converts to the orginal Toyota color for sky blue? Thanks
  11. MN77FJ40

    For Sale  Wanted Shift Cap for '77 FJ40

    I am looking for the locking shift cap for my FJ 40 one of the locking tabs broke off and was in rough shape. See Pic
  12. MN77FJ40

    Thinking about painting my 77 FJ40

    Sky Blue, See pics below
  13. MN77FJ40

    Thinking about painting my 77 FJ40

    Hello all, I am a newbie and just purchased a 1977 FJ 40 Its real ugly and am thinking about getting it painted. My question; If I choose a color outside of the standard original colors the car originally came in, does it affect the value? I am thinking of Gun Metal Grey- Matte, Raptor...
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