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  1. Pacer

    Western PA Mud Ship?

    Any of our Western PA friends coming to the Coal Mine Cruiser Classic? I bought some doors for my mini truck that are in Pittsburgh and if anyone is already taking the drive, I'd be happy to cover the fuel and booze or?
  2. Pacer

    Club wheeling June 12

    My junk is still on the trailer and functional after an awesome run to Uwharrie National Forest last weekend. I'm inclined to leave it on there and head up to AOAA again this upcoming weekend to do some more recon for the upcoming CMCC. Let's wheel!
  3. Pacer

    TLCA News and Minutes

    I'm gonna post topics of interest gleaned from the monthly TLCA BOD call here. I'm pretty good about making the call monthly and representing our club, but what good is that if there is no place to share what I hear? Stay tuned, this months call is in four minutes.
  4. Pacer

    Wheeling Saturday February 8, 2020

    Any interest in heading back to Rausch Creek again next weekend? I had a good time last weekend out and will try to bring the 62 this time. Theo is in again too. Haven't seen @Onur or @CatskillsRunner in a few.... It conflicts with GCLC winter meeting, if you were planning to go...
  5. Pacer

    Wheeling Saturday January 11th

    I have a ton of family stuff going on lately, but figured I'd post up the thread for our next monthly trail ride to see if there is some interest. I could be swayed....
  6. Pacer

    Keystones at the Phillies

    Anyone ever head down to catch a Phil's game? I don't have one in mind this season, but maybe we should get a crew together for $1 dog night or something... Bring the kids or whomever you like? What say y'all? I'm close and could go most any evening with some notice...
  7. Pacer

    For Sale  Philly: Aisin a440f

    A440f pulled from a '89 fj62. Was good running when pulled for diesel swap. $400
  8. Pacer

    Keystone Cruisers annual Meeting Shady Maple

    It's that time again, let's get together again at the Shady Maple in January. We will have club elections this year. Saturday January 19 08:00 Shady Maple Smorgasbord | Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking | Lancaster County PA Shady Maple Smorgasbord 129 Toddy Dr, East Earl, PA 17519 (717)...
  9. Pacer

    Jack Safro Trekker for sale

    Looks like Jack Safro's personal Trekker is up for sale on AutoTrader Classic. If you don't know, Jack invented the Trekker and the one for sale was actually his in the 90s. This really may be the cleanest one left. 1981 Toyota Pickup 4x4 Regular Cab Deluxe for sale near Charlotte, North...
  10. Pacer

    Mid Atlantic Overland Festival August 9-12

    Anyone interested in going? It conflicts with our monthly wheeling at AOAA this month, but it's in our back yard. "It is that time of year again--time for rolling hills, 4x4 trails, shooting stars, and stories around the campfire! This is the Official Thread of the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Overland...
  11. Pacer

    Sacrilege? '81 Trekker, to build or not....

    So, I bought a rusty Trekker a few years back. I got it to run, got it to move and stop and then I tore it apart. Floors were completely shot! The sliding rear windows in the cap must'a leaked from the factory, this truck spent its entire life with a soggy carpet. Other than that, the frame...
  12. Pacer

    Yearly Meeting Shady Maple, January 27, 08:00 Breakfast

    Hello all, I would like to hold our yearly club meeting at Shady Maple on 1/27/18 @ 8:00AM. We will meet for breakfast, and will then get down to club business for about a half an hour afterward. You are welcome to attend even if you are not a member. Discussion points: Overnight camping at...
  13. Pacer

    New to the East Coast 40

    Hay CVC, A neighbor of mine here in PA asked me to do some work on his "new to him" fj40. I believe it belonged to Tom Brassfield previously, but don't know his mud handle...? Would love to bend his ear before I get started... Can someone here connect us?
  14. Pacer

    Builds  '81 Trekker ReDistruction

    I picked up an '81 rusty Toyota Trekker a year or so ago. It is a mess! Floors rotted on all four corners of the cab. The sliding windows and tailgate look as though they leeked from the factory and the globbs of silicone applied by previous owners tells a similar tail. I never posted a build...
  15. Pacer

    Wanted  15x8 6lugs on the east coast

    I picked up a set of 35x12.50x15s And don't have any 8" wide rims to put them on... I'd prefer steel, but will consider anything you can send a picture of... Set of 4 or 5 wheels. I can clean them up on my end... Let's see what you got cluttering up the corner of the garage? I'm up and down the...
  16. Pacer

    West Maroon Bells trail, traveling Keystone Cruiser

    Hello CO Mudders, My son, lady and I are headed to your great state this month and have been trying to figure out how best to get back to CB once we hike Maroon Pass to Aspen. There's Dolly's Shuttle, at $60/per leaves us looking for another option. Maybe one of you guys/gals would be up for a...
  17. Pacer

    Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival, Aug 11-14

    This on anyone's radar? Anyone fancy themselves an Overlander? Event Info | Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival
  18. Pacer

    My experience with a '92 3.0uch

    Friend of mine mentioned his father in-law had a nice little Teeota pickup he used to use for fishing on the beech. The owner had passed two years earlier and the truck had been sitting. Friend said his FIL had done the timing belt and wheel bearings... He drove it everywhere... I ask: Mileage...
  19. Pacer

    Keystone Cruisers Third Saturday Run

    Maybe just start one thread which everyone can stay subscribed to and we call out the date for the next run. Third weekend in April is the 18th. Maybe @Crusha and @fireball will be there to give us a rundown of their cannonball run. Again, looking forward to wheelin' with you guys. And the...
  20. Pacer

    For Sale  [South Philly] fj62 Exhaust System 2.5"

    Replaced my home brew exhaust with a fancy stainless EMSPowered System, so, this is taking up space. About three years ago I cut up a set of fresh MAF fj62 down pipes and made a nice y-pipe and eliminated the under frame, rock catching exhaust pipe. Eliminated the cats but retained the...
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