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  1. dasgeek

    Middle Row Seat Bolt P/N? Anyone?

    I did the exact same thing. Did you have to retap the bolt hole on the bracket on the floor of the truck? I think I may have damaged the treads on the bracket.
  2. dasgeek

    Disassembling the hard top

    Would it not work to use a hacksaw between the side and top to just cut the bolts? Seems like they are going to break anyway and I would guess it will need a new seal. Just thinking out load because I will need to take on this project at some point.
  3. dasgeek

    Let’s see your white 100 series!

    2002 with over 320,000 miles on it. I brought my 17 year old home from the hospital as a newborn in this truck.
  4. dasgeek

    What is this and can I remove it...

    I have to laugh. There are many threads on this unknown sorcery. General thinking seems to be a vibration dampener of some kind. Most people that pull it (me included) do not notice a difference without this weight attached to the frame. Of course, proceed at your own risk.
  5. dasgeek

    Source for re-pinning electrical connectors + AHC Issue + Introduction.

    or buy Parallels and run windowz on your Mac.
  6. dasgeek

    AHC value???

    I really like the AHC. Makes getting in and out easier for kids and older passengers. Mine is still going at 312,000 miles. Just replace fluid from time to time.
  7. dasgeek

    Question about AHC

    Order 4 liters of fluid and flush the system. The AHC should be flushed more often than most owners think.
  8. dasgeek

    How to release terminals from electrical connector housing?

    i only see grey and white plastic.
  9. dasgeek

    How to release terminals from electrical connector housing?

    I have downloaded the Toyota connector manual. If is the same one you have, it really did not help me with this connector.
  10. dasgeek

    How to release terminals from electrical connector housing?

    I have the tool. Just not sure how to release the terminal. I know you have to insert it in the front after moving the white plastic lock out. Just not sure the exact movement.
  11. dasgeek

    How to release terminals from electrical connector housing?

    I need to replace this fuel pump connector housing (broke the tab :censor:). Does anyone know how to release the terminals from the housing. I have tried inserting a tool below the tab opening. I have searched the webs and youtubes to no avail. I know that the white part pulls out to release the...
  12. dasgeek

    rear main seal?

    I got bad advice many years ago to switch to synthetic when I was at about 180,000 miles. I even questioned the guy about it causing leaks. He said that was BS and stop reading the internet. I switched on his advice and within two weeks had a head gasket leak and main seal leak. I fixed the head...
  13. dasgeek

    LX470 died while driving

    Any thoughts on replacement brand? I know a lot of people will say OEM, bu is there anything I can get locally that might work?
  14. dasgeek

    LX470 died while driving

    i totally agree. Have not noticed any different starts. Have not heard any noise from the pump. Anyone think it could be the fuel filter? Tomorrow, I plan to disconnect fuel line and attach plastic tube into gas can. I’ll crank the engine and see if I get any gas.
  15. dasgeek

    LX470 died while driving

    So after almost 20 years and 310,000 miles my 2002 LX470 died while I was driving it and will not start up. Luckly I was just pulling into my driveway. I seems to be a fuel issue. I get a strong crank. It kind of wants to start. It has no codes. I am looking thought the FSM to follow the...
  16. dasgeek

    Tool Rolls

    I would like a large with logo. Add me to the list. Hope you will have enough. Where is a good source for the tools?
  17. dasgeek

    Who Daily Drives their 100?

    My 2002 LX470 has been my DD since 2003. Have about 306000 miles on it now.
  18. dasgeek

    That coolant hose tee thing is for real

    FYI: THose screw hose clamps are not the OEM setup. Just suggest going back and checking that they are still tight after a few days.
  19. dasgeek

    Source a Seatbelt for 2002 LX470

    @neilsen100 I plan on having my old seatbelt restored after I replace it for a backup or for sale item. I use this truck as a daily driver and don't want to have to wait for the restoration if I can avoid it.
  20. dasgeek

    Source a Seatbelt for 2002 LX470

    Anyone have any info on the difference between year model seat belts?
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