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  1. 1978 Bessy

    Restored fj40 insurance

    I recently restored an fj40 and the requirement is FULLY enclosed garage. Must sell unless anyone knows of classic or other insurance that will cover my fj.
  2. 1978 Bessy

    Round Up 2016 Official Thread

    Im interested but dont want to take my fj cause it just got restored. Bugs on the new paint get me freaked out. I have extra parts from restore. I could bring them or pics for interests or needs. Is that frown upon? Dont want to tick off the host! New to hill country and to cruiser events...
  3. 1978 Bessy

    Body work for doors

    Where would you get new doors? I am having mine redone. I tried the FJ40 body folks and the doors never got shipped. So my guys at my shop are going to redo them. They will have to be stretched, and bottoms repaired and then supports put inside to keep them from bowing in. The bowing comes from...
  4. 1978 Bessy

    Fj40 Part.. What is this??

    Hello; I am restoring my 1978 Bessy. I had this part powder coated. What is it for and why did I powder coat it? I thought it went to my seat brackets. But no it does not. I am missing the outside front seat bracket, but this is not it.... Thanks 1978 Bessy
  5. 1978 Bessy

    Windshield Glass - clear or green tint?

    Ok so how do you get rid of the evening glare. Oh! drive only during the day light? How about dark tint? FJ40 is a specific look but safety is safety. Anyone else got a glare reducer idea? 1978 Bessy!
  6. 1978 Bessy Good or no good ?

    Very sorry about your loss! I recently went through lie after lie about my front doors. They failed to give a receipt for advance payment. They said it would take three weeks. I am in week six. Now they need another $300 for shipment. I have no receipt for the first payment. This is not how you...
  7. 1978 Bessy

    Pacol tubs

    Me too! Got the run around. First it was raining in Florida and they could not get started on the two front door out side parts until next week. Then I was told it was a three week to ship date job. Week three I called and the welder broke. REALLY?? Week six, Alexandra said they were shipped...
  8. 1978 Bessy Good or no good ?

    Where do I start? You are right. I just got the run around and now I'm out! I am over it. How do so many people in this industry do this to us who just want to put Bessy back together again? What makes people a business and run like a circus? This industry is getting tougher and tougher. I see...
  9. 1978 Bessy

    Who's got Yosemite Yellow???

    I have olive green. Its in restore. But soon I will be ready to show. "Cool Cruiser of Texas Classic" color model is very popular. I call it "Baby Poo!" 78 Bessy!!
  10. 1978 Bessy

    Adapting a jeep best top bikini to an fj40? waste of time?

    Dearest! You are putting Jeep product on FJ. Why? Please remember that when people see the FJ, they say, "Nice Jeep". And how that makes you feel. If you dont care, then make the modifications and go for it. My "Bessy "will not see Jeep parts if I can help it. I hate the ... "Nice Jeep" comments...
  11. 1978 Bessy

    For Sale [SoCal] FJ40 Front Doors

    Hello: New to IH8Mud> But not to the restore industry. Remember if you are going to sell body parts doors. A straight ruler across the door panel is very important to show in pics. Yes, its a FJ but for resale and restore you need to show that the pulling of the fj doors from the inside pull...
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