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    craigslist  2007 LC in Colorado - 114k miles

    I saw this on craiglist. No affiliation and no knowledge other than what's in the ad.
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    SOLD  100 Series IronMan Snorkel - new (Seattle area / will ship)

    I've decided I'm not going to install the IronMan snorkel I picked up a few months ago, so it's for sale for $200. I can ship it also if you want to pay for shipping. A new one is $349, so you're saving some money.
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    Another aftermarket stereo option for 100s with Nav?

    So, this 2006 LC just came up for sale in Texas. No affiliation. Check out how the aftermarket stereo is done up: 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser 188k Miles Recent Timing Belt Great Shape -.... Has anyone ever seen this setup before? I've attached a couple of pics for posterity.
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    Wanted  Doug Thorley headers for 05-07 100 series (THY-562-SS-C)

    Hello all. I'm in need of a header replacement and would love to go with the DT headers. Let me know if you have a set laying around that you want to liberate from your garage!
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    Any interest in Doug Thorley Headers? 2005-2007 100 series THY-562-SS-C

    I've been searching for a set of these for a while with no luck, and DT's website constantly says they're out of stock. I contacted them a couple weeks ago and they said they had 2 orders but wouldn't make a batch until they had more orders. I placed an order on the DT website, so now they have...
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    For Sale  Seattle/Wenatchee/Ellensburgh WA: 100 series hitch $50

    I have a Curt #13443 hitch that fits a 98-07 Land Cruiser or LX470. I installed it and had it on for about 3 days before I decided to get a Dissent rear bumper so took it off and no longer need it. Here's a link to the hitch: Class 3 Trailer Hitch, 2" Receiver, Select Toyota Land Cruiser, Lexus...
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    craigslist  delete

    Never mind...on second look I think the listing is a scam
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    Wanted  100 Series Factory Tow Hitch

    I'm looking for a factory tow hitch for a 100 series (mine is an '06 LC but I think any year will fit). I'm in the Seattle area but will drive a few hours any direction (including the Portland area).
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