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  1. occruiser

    Wanted  OC, CA 12/75 2f Fuel Pump

    Looking for one in good condition.
  2. occruiser

    Electrical questions

    I have spare time to spend on the 40. I have a few wires that are capped off or disconnected. Can you guys tell me what I’m missing here? The 40 runs fine and the electrical, lights, etc work fine. The only thing I’m having issues with are the turn signals. Flashers work fine, but left or right...
  3. occruiser

    For Sale  64 Fst 40

    Hope you're all doing well. So a couple years ago I purchased a 64 fst 40 with the intentions of restoring it. It's a tub and rolling frame. I purchased it from an individual who used it as a donor vehicle for his restoration. Over time I collected a number of parts for it. I purchased the...
  4. occruiser

    FJ45 St George Ut

    While cruising around town, I stumbled across a great looking yellow 45. Made me wonder is the owner was a member or not. Here's a pic of the rig.
  5. occruiser

    2008 tundra stereo upgrade

    So the stereo on my 2008 tundra is starting to develop a mind of its own. I'm looking into upgrading the unit. I hear people say they've upgraded to a unit with navigation. Can you guys post pictures of your upgraded set up? Any advice on what to and where to purchase?
  6. occruiser

    For Sale  1973 fj40 Laguna Niguel, CA

    Not mine, but based on the description, it sounds like the rig to buy! Stay thirsty my friends! NINJA TRANSPORTER FJ40/V8/5SPD
  7. occruiser

    Wanted  10/85 fj60 2f EGR valve

    Like the title says. Im looking for one in good shape. Mine keeps getting stuck. Let me know if you have one. Rene
  8. occruiser

    Steering gear box and P/S pump swap among other things

    So, I've been having issues with my steering for a while and finally have the time to tear my 60 apart and swap out the steering gear box and pump. I got a couple of good replacements from Georg a while back. Since I'm taking this stuff apart, is there anything else you guys think I should...
  9. occruiser

    Wanted  9/85 + fj60 power steering gear box

    I'm looking for a September 1985 and up power steering gear box for an fj60, in good condition. I bought an "85" gear box recently, and got burned when I tried installing it only to find that the bolt pattern was off. I'm in Anaheim, CA. Let me know what you guys have
  10. occruiser

    Wanted  76 fj40 tail light connectors

    I'm looking for a couple of female tail light connectors to hook up to a set of new tail lights for my 76, fj40. Let me know what you guys have.
  11. occruiser

    Wanted  12/1964 fj40 parts

    I'm looking for a bunch of parts to get my 12/1964 fj40 project going. Here are some of the parts I need: 1-Tranny hump 2-Light switch 3-wiper switch/cable 4-ignition switch with key 5-Turn signal indicators 6-Gas Tank with straps 7-accelerator pedal / assembly 8-front seat tool box lid (square...
  12. occruiser

    12/64 fj40 switches

    ok, I'm in need of some help. I'm in the process of getting my 12/64 project going. Coolerman is helping me out with a harness. Does anyone have a list or thread to use as a reference for the switches I will be needing (year compatibility etc.). My rig is completely wiped out, so I need every...
  13. occruiser

    My second 40

    So, I just purchased my second 40. Its a 12/1964 FST that is currently in pretty rough shape. I purchased it with the intention of it being a long term project. The tub is straight and in pretty nice shape, considering its age (its amazing to see the difference in the thickness of the metal...
  14. occruiser

    Wanted  2005 toyota tundra battery tray

    I'm looking for the battery tray for my 2005 toyota tundra. I'm in OC, CA.
  15. occruiser

    Need your input on my smog test results

    So I decided to finally take my 76 40 for a smog test this afternoon. Didn't pass... I did the pre-test inspection only figuring I wouldn't pass. Here are my results. What do you guys think I should tweak?
  16. occruiser

    Mustard 40's

    So I've seen threads of guys featuring their Blue and Green 40's... I haven't been able to find one featuring the best color, Mustard. Here we go guys (and gal's). Time to display our mustard (or yellow) 40's. I'll start it off with my 76.
  17. occruiser

    Clutch Master Cylinder

    So now that my 40 is being driven around regularly, it has decided to start leaking fluids at will. My clutch master cylinder started leaking fluid from the rear seal, into the floor board. Do you guys think it's worth rebuilding/sealing or should I just replace it with a new one? I have no clue...
  18. occruiser

    Wanted  Hardtop weatherstrip

    I'm looking for a weatherstrip for my 71 fj40 hardtop. Starting to run low on funds and I'm trying to finish up my project. Let me know. Im in Anaheim, CA.
  19. occruiser

    Rear License Plate bracket electrical question

    Time to pick your brains... I'm installing my license plate bracket and have run into the unknown. I'm sure you guys will be able to answer. My license plate bracket came with the female end that attaches to the wiring harness. The license plate wiring has the two cables that power up both...
  20. occruiser

    Speedometer issues

    So, I unplugged my speedometer to fix a few cables that were tangled with the turn signal switch cable. I hooked everything back up and now when in motion, the speedo needle goes from one end to the other, at its own pace (with a bit of a bounce). It does not track my speed at all. Any ideas...
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