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  1. Lifelong40Fan

    Wanted  FJ40 rear leaf spring hanger

    Like the title says, I need a the rear leaf spring hanger for an FJ40. I know someone had a new set here a couple of months ago and I can't find them in the classifieds. Anyhow, if anyone has a straight rear leaf hanger for sale, please let me know. Cheers! Mike
  2. Lifelong40Fan

    MUDShip  Engine transport Dallas to west TN

    Transport of 2F from NW of Dallas to Jackson, TN in next few weeks. Truck bed or trailer, I’ll pay for transport.
  3. Lifelong40Fan

    For Sale  4 aftermarket white 16" wagon wheels, 4.75" offset

    I have a set of 4 white wagon wheels in excellent shape. Delivery along I40 between west TN and SW CO or along I25 to southern NM possible if purchase confirmed by tomorrow, 6/14. Otherwise, will have to ship from west TN. $450 for a set of 4.
  4. Lifelong40Fan

    For Sale  larger FJ40 parts with delivery on I40 from west TN to SW CO (Pagosa Springs) and I25 to southern NM (Las Cruces)

    Family reunion and fly fishing trip to SW CO and southern NM gives occasion to sell some bigger 40 parts to folks along I40/I25 if anyone is in need of them. I don't want to ship any at this time. I'll have an enclosed 5x8 trailer to haul parts in along the route, but you have to be available...
  5. Lifelong40Fan

    MUDShip  Empty enclosed 5x8 trailer from west TN to SW CO then to southern NM

    Have a family reunion in Pagosa Springs, CO next week and then head to Las Cruces, NM. We’ll be driving on I40 through Memphis, Little Rock, OKC, Amarillo, Santa Fe, and then to Pagosa. From there after a few days through Albuquerque to Las Cruces. I should have a near empty trailer if anyone...
  6. Lifelong40Fan

    SOLD  F engine new tune up parts

    I bought these to give my f engine a tune up and went a different route. I paid $60 from rockauto for everything. I’ll take $30 for it all plus shipping from 38343. Cheers, Mike
  7. Lifelong40Fan

    Wanted  FJ40 rectangular tail light dividers

    I'm in need of the small metal dividers in the tail lights of an Fj40. They slide in to the tail lights to separate the different compartments of the turn, reverse, and brake lights. There should be 4 total dividers for both sides. Cheers, Mike
  8. Lifelong40Fan

    MUDShip  Need help in Tallahassee, FL, area

    Is there anyone in the Tallahassee area that would be willing to do a fellow cruiser guy a favor? I was given a set of rims, but the owner will not ship them. I simply need someone to pick them up, package them, and ship them. I will pay this person for their effort and, of course, cover...
  9. Lifelong40Fan

    MUDShip  Denver to west TN

    Anyone have the willingness/ability to pull a car trailer with a running FJ45 from Denver to Jackson, TN, in the middle of March? Let me know. Thank you.
  10. Lifelong40Fan

    Wanted  springs and ball bearings from 4 speed tranny

    I'm in need of the 3 springs and 3 ball bearings from inside the cover of an h42 4 speed tranny. Anyone have a parts 4 speed that can sell me these small parts? Thanks!
  11. Lifelong40Fan

    Wanted  FJ40 headliner

    I need a headliner that is very good condition. New would be ideal. If anyone has one sitting around that you'd like to sell, let me know. Thanks!
  12. Lifelong40Fan

    Wanted  '74-'84 FJ40 license plate lights

    I'm in need of the license plate lights for an '82 FJ40. I need both sides. What I need is part #61270-80091 at CCoT: Thanks, Mike
  13. Lifelong40Fan

    Wanted  late model FJ40 fan shroud for 2F

    I'm in need of a fan shroud for a late model 2F with a fan clutch in an FJ40. Thanks, Mike
  14. Lifelong40Fan

    Wanted  late model FJ40/60 white wagon wheel rim

    Just need a single wagon wheel rim for the spare. Looking for the late model wagon wheels like the ones CCoT offered here: Thanks! Mike
  15. Lifelong40Fan

    MUDShip  Need diff in 5 gal bucket from OKC to TN

    Anyone traveling east on I40 over the holiday that would be willing to transport a differential in a 5 gallon bucket from Oklahoma City to Jackson, TN? Thanks, Mike
  16. Lifelong40Fan

    Ring and pinion teeth count

    Can someone in the know help real quick? I bought a 9.5” ring and pinion set off CL that is brand new. It’s supposed to be 3.70 ratio and has 10 and 37 teeth on the pinion and ring, respectively. I have what I thought was a 4.10 diff in my garage and it has the exact same number of teeth on...
  17. Lifelong40Fan

    Wanted  FJ40 heater valve needed

    The heater shutoff valve for my '76 FJ40 is leaking. Does anyone have one that isn't clogged and, hopefully, doesn't leak that they'd be willing to sell? I believe the OEM part # is 87240. Thanks, Mike
  18. Lifelong40Fan

    SOLD  2F ignition parts

    2F dizzy, igniter, cap and wires. Both work and came off a working 40, but the dizzy needs a new vacuum advance. Also included are the wires and cap. $75 for everything.
  19. Lifelong40Fan

    SOLD  Toyota Rally Lights

    Two Toyota rally lights in excellent condition. They both work and the lenses are clear and clean. These came in a box with an FJ40 that I bought and I have no use for them. $80 for both.
  20. Lifelong40Fan

    SOLD  Very nice early model doors in freeborn red, west TN

    I've got a set of very nice early model doors. They've been stored indoors, so there's no rust. I tried to show that in the pics. Both cranks work, but the passenger's side will need to be replaced before too long. The original weatherstripping is still in great shape. I can pull them out...
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